That still, small voice.

So, I have this lovely friend (who I just realized I've been friends with for 7 1/2 years already at this point!!), and she has the most efficacious prayers of anyone I know. She laughs whenever I say this, but it's so true. So, when I tell her something I'm struggling with and she directs me to prayer, I've learned to listen.

Earlier today I was sharing with her some of the things stressing me right now, as I await the birth of this little girl (full term yesterday, friends!!!), and she suggested Baby Sister and me go and spend some time with Jesus at the Carmelite Monastery near our home.

Best advice ever.

My favorite side chapel at the Carmelites...both of my daughters' patron saints!

One of our family mottos is to always, "Take it to Jesus in the Eucharist." In our roughest patches, this has helped us get through. And once again, some time with Jesus in the Eucharist helped immensely. He opened my heart to see things I hadn't even been aware were floating under the surface, and it resulted in me feeling a lot more at peace about this upcoming birth of our sweet daughter.

And those saints...oh, those patron saints of my daughters! How I love them both and how grateful I am knowing that I am not alone in caring for these two little girls. Mary and Therese are right beside me, praying for these little ones as only patron saints can. It is so amazing how different parenthood looks like as a vocation vs. how the secular world portrays it. We aren't called to parent our children perfectly! Rather, we're called to parent them as best we can and to rely heavily on the saints and God's grace to make up for where we are lacking.

Alright, friends...signing off. The nausea is awfully intense tonight. At least there's hope for some relief soon...

Please keep us in your prayers! And please also pray for the youngest son of dear friend who has once again been admitted to the children's hospital.


  1. If we're discussing the help of patron saints, maybe my patron, St. Nick, can help me after all!;) Sadly, there is no St. Leora (unless I die and go to Heaven! HA!), but there are Blesseds Eleanor and Eleanora:

    1. Eleanor is actually linked back to the name "Helen," so you can claim St. Helena, mother of Constantine and finder of the true cross! She's my confirmation saint and is actually one of Stinky's patrons, too!


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