{phfr} - A Summer's Day

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But before you do, I just received really sad news this morning, and so I ask you to storm heaven with prayers for Dwija and her family as the mourn the loss of Nicholas this morning.

In light of that, I am reminded that all is grace, and I enter into today with much deeper gratitude for the sweet children I've been blessed with.


A lovely little girl, off on a hike at the favorite nature center. What a beautiful summer morning and what a beautiful little daughter to share it with!


Our little Stinky is one of those rare children who is of the "overly cautious" persuasion. So, every time she's brave enough to do something new and different we are sooooo proud! She's really come a long way this summer, in terms of bravery with pool exploration. I took this picture last week, on the day she finally seemed to overcome her fear of the kid slide (pictured above). Before that day she'd only been down a couple of time...but that day I practically had to tear her away from it!

For the record, the easiest way to get her to overcome her fears is by surrounding her with kids not afraid of trying whatever she's afraid of. Seeing one of her little pool friends (i.e. one of the other "regulars") go gung-ho in the pool seemed to do the trick quite nicely!


We went to the nature center last Friday, after attending morning Mass a few minutes away. Reason for trekking the trails? I thought I was "in labor" (because I was feeling regular crampiness like I did when I went into labor with Sister Stinky) and wanted to move things along. Silly Mommy. That would have been too easy, and where's the fun in that???


We are soooo grateful not to be in a drought this year!!!

About halfway through the long trail at the nature center there's a beautiful little creek (that actually has water in it this year!!). Sister Stinky was so happy to stand there and throw pebbles and rocks in! We tried throwing in sticks and leaves, too, and talked a little bit about things floating or sinking. Lovely morning, lovely girl to share it with!!!

I've told more than one person this summer...this is the first time summer has really felt like summer to me in years! I think that summer has been so much more enjoyable because my girly is finally old enough to really experience summer. She and I both have deep tans from the amount of time we spend outside playing and at the pool. It feels good to be outside so much!!!


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