Five Favorites - 38 weeks!

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Hi, friends. Still here...still with absolutely awful nausea BUT I am able to keep eating and functioning so I am grateful for that (not as bad as first trimester!!!). I also found out at my doctor's appt. that I'm dilated more (closer to a 3cm) so that's reassuring to body is at least moving in the right direction!! Please, please pray that I go into labor soon. The nausea is getting to the point of starting around 7 or 8am and being actually pretty bad all day. Soooo ready to meet this little girl, but wondering if she's just wanting to stay in there as long as possible at this point. Silly little girl ;-)

So, although I've despaired of ever actually going into labor at this point...I still wanted to share with you my top five favorite things I'm looking forward to about labor/delivery/recovery! (Repeat mamas out there...isn't it so much better knowing what you have to look forward to???)


The first and most obviously best part...squishy cute baby. Mmmm...the smell of newborn skin and Pampers. Those sleepy little eyes. The snuggles. Being surrounded by paid professionals willing and able to help you if you feel like you need a break. And then...more snuggly baby. Mmmm....


A [labor] date with this cute guy.

We do date nights "in" practically every night - some time to catch up and watch some Netflix together - but we're just in a season of life (especially being so far from family and with me being so sick every evening) where going out alone is rarer. (We're also both kinda introverts so we actually probably enjoy dates in more than dates out, anyway.) We always joke that our only dates out recently have been to the doctor's office or hospital. But to have time alone with this Love of mine...I'll take what I can get!


Food. Glorious food. Food that can be ordered from the hospital cafeteria all day, every day that I am there (well, except when in labor). Right now just looking at the picture above makes me feel sick. But soon...fooooooooooood!!!


The relief of being done with labor. Need I say more? Getting to the other end of that hurdle is always a blessing!!!


Being able to live nausea-free again!

I don't even remember what it was like, and don't even fully believe that I'll ever be nausea-free again. But ohhhhh...I have hope. And a lot of people praying for me. To be honest, I'm so afraid I'll be one of those extremely rare cases that doesn't fully lose her nausea after giving birth, and who is plagued with lingering nausea. But I have hope (especially after my experience with Sister Stinky's birth) that I will be free of this nausea again. I have hope that life won't feel like a battle every day...but that I'll actually be able to enjoy it again! I will be able to LIVE again!! Granted, I'm more than a little bit nervous about the post-partum period (being that I did suffer from bad post-partum depression last time) but at least I'll have the hurdle of nausea behind me!

So pretty, pretty please...pray for me, friends! Pray that my sweet littlest girl may soon be in my arms. And pray that I may be given the grace to endure patiently in the meantime :-)

I also have kind of a weird prayer request, but if you can add it in I'd be grateful. I had a beautiful nursing relationship with my Stinky, but it ended in the midst of extreme hyperemesis nausea...and now just the thought of nursing makes me nauseous. Please pray the experience of actually nursing again doesn't make me nauseous, okay? I know it's totally illogical, but nausea can do crazy things to your sense of logic...


  1. Oh my heart aches for you just thinking about how overwhelming and frustrating the constant nausea must be! I will definitely lift you up in my daily/nightly prayers and also the next time I pray the rosary! I can also empathize with you and your fears of postpartum depression! I struggle with depression and I know how debilitating and scary it can be, I pray that it stays far far away after your precious little girl is born! Either way just know I will be thinking about you! Take care!

  2. Oh, I know well that feeling that labor is never going to come (although I hit that point at 43 weeks!). Hang in there, it will be over so so so soon even though it feels as though it is forever. You have our prayers!

    1. Thanks, friend! I could deal with all these various discomforts if it weren't for the constant nausea that is sucking the life out of me! Sooo ready to be done with that. Being able to offer it up for your sweet little boy helps immensely :-)

  3. Praying praying praying! My hubby and I have date nights in as well and enjoy them so much more than going out. So happy you're hanging in there at 38 weeks!


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