7 Quick Takes - full term and hanging in there!

Hi, friends...just jotting some things down while I bide my time! Linking up with the lovely Jen, of course! This little girl is enjoying staying in utero, despite her sister's best attempts to convince her to come out. Last night/early this morning I had menstrual like cramping that was spaced fairly regular if far apart (which is how labor started with Sister Stinky) but they fizzled and I've only had a little bit today. Thankfully, my nausea has been somewhat better today (I was actually nausea-free this morning, so Stinky and I got to go to Mass and the nature preserve together!). Sooo...in the meantime, just hanging out...and making play lists for labor, of course! ;-)


So, my generous brother-in-law passed on his old iPod to the Abbot, and gifted us with a iTunes gift card...so the Abbot has generously agreed to let me use it in its entirety to get some music to labor to.


My first thought was to go the traditional Catholic hymn route - because they pack some real punch! - and then I considered some of the fluffy liturgical music goodies (yep...totally comparing Marty Haugen and like to cotton candy...I love the stuff but it's more of a guilty pleasure). But, in the end, as I made up a wish list, my nausea started getting bad and I started getting some major Braxton Hicks, so I gave the songs a test listen...and was surprised by what calmed me down.


First of all...this group.

Romans | High Fidelity

I mean for starters...you know an album is going to be good when there's a priest in a cassock praying the Liturgy of the Hours and a boom box on the cover, right?? I like their versions of some Catholic favorites...there's so much life and energy brought to them!


You know I'm a sucker for this guy, right?

JPII Owl Eyes

I mean, the guy is Polish. And, the last time I gave birth it was on the day that ended up being his feastday. And he's Polish. And soon to be canonized. And did I mention he's Polish. What more do you want?

Anyway, shout-out to Baby Sister's Polish roots with this song tribute to an awesome Pope.


I hope you all are familiar with Matt Maher, but if you aren't you really have to get to know him. I wish there were Catholic artists like him around when I was growing up! The guy can start a rock song with the word "Transubstantiation." I don't know if it gets much better than that...

Anyway...I've got a couple of his songs on the labor playlist.


So, yes, friends...it's a pretty good mix and I'm hoping it'll keep my spirits up during labor! My original plan was to watch some Netflix or videos on our Kindle, but I realized last night during my false labor cramping that I don't necessarily want to stare at a screen that has the tendency to cause me nausea. I think the music will be a good alternate option!


I hope you made it down this far, because this is the most important take of them all. Can you please pray for sweet baby boy and his family, under the intercession of St. Joseph and St. Andre Bessett? Thanks, friends.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love Matt Maher's music too! And I'm so sorry to read the blog post you linked to. I will keep that family in prayer and you as well for your impending labor.


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