7 Posts in 7 Days

Hopefully joining up with the lovely Jen for this challenge...but whether or not I am successful totally depends on Baby Sister!

For the past week or so, I've been experiencing prodromal labor, and a couple of nights ago my contractions were actually strong enough and close enough together (2-3 minutes apart) that we sent Sister Stinky to a friend's house and headed out to the hospital a few hours later...only to be sent home and then to have the contractions totally dissipate. I've continued to get stretches of cramping/contractions but nothing strong or regular enough to be labor. VERY discouraging! Especially discouraging is that this is no sign that active labor will start soon...some women experience prodromal labor for weeks! (I've already been experiencing it on and off for the past week.) 

The good news, friends? I definitely know that this is a prolonged early labor and not just Braxton hicks because my nausea has improved and my sense of smell is NORMAL again! (When I was pregnant with Sister Stinky, labor was the only thing that caused these kind of changes.) If you've experienced hyperemesis, you know how huge that is. Life is suddenly more bearable! 

Please keep up the prayers, friends! But don't be surprised if it's still another week or two before this girl comes. Please pray for the sanity of her parents in the meantime!!!

Update: Before you're tempted to say anything unhelpful, check out these guidelines. :-)


  1. oh my gosh you poor thing, go have a margarita and enjoy the sleepiness it induces!

  2. Wow! So close. Good luck! Sorry for all the false alarms, but happy days to come.

  3. Oh goodness what a pain! But I'm glad to hear that the nausea is getting better!

  4. prayers for a happy, healthy baby in the coming week(s)!!!

  5. Prayers for you labor and birth

  6. Haha, I'll stop asking and just enjoy the fact that I get a post from you in my inbox everyday for the next week:) And Martha might get her wish for a July 26 baby (it IS a great feast day)! HUGS


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