7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge - Day 4 {phfr}

Linking up with the lovely Auntie Leila. Aren't you so jealous of all the DC ladies who got to hang out with her????

Although we're expecting out own little princess around here (can I just say that finding out that she was pregnant and sick with hyperemesis at the same time as me was a huge consolation!), baby #1 has been increasingly vocal in an attempt not to be forgotten. She goes through intensely chatty phases where I just. need. a. moment. of. silence. But, ultimately I'm grateful that my daughter is chatty like her mama and shares her thoughts with me :-)

Anyway...honoring baby #1 today.


Long toes courtesy of the Abbot.

When I was younger (i.e. before I was married) I used to keep my toenails painted all summer every summer. Wearing sandals without painted nails just felt wrong! This summer, the little girl and I have re-started up that tradition together - both sporting pink toes. Can I just say...pink toes on a 2 year old are quite possibly the cutest thing ever???


We got to take a trip to the local Botanical gardens yesterday...thanks to some lovely ladies who encouraged us to get out and who joined us for the fun!!! Such a beautiful day out!


The world's most timid ship's captain. 

Part of the botanical gardens is a lovely children's garden with soooo many interactive and fun things to play with!! Sister Stinky was definitely the most cautious of the group...she tried things but liked having mommy by her side. Being 9 months pregnant, I greatly appreciated not having to chase after her!


But, I've learned that - given some time and space - this little stinker definitely warms up to new experiences! She's a lot like her mama in that sense - cautiously gets acclimated, nervous at first, but once she's got it...she jumps in with both feet! That's my girl!

She was happy to spend some time at the splash pad in the children's gardens at the end of our trip. I was happy to wear her out a bit!


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