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I found out this morning that my stellar and uber-talented co-author (yes, she not only writes books about our faith but she also is an awesome quilter and godmother to Baby Sister!!!) is fielding some of the publicity for our new book (which is now available very reasonable as a Kindle edition!!!). So, wanting to do my part in my time of confinement I decided to dedicate these Five Favorites to shameless self-promotion.

(Okay, I really do think the new book is worth a read, too!)

So, let's explore why this book is a great find for any and all Catholic parents of infants, tots, and preschoolers, shall we?


It's designed by parents for parents.

Sister Stinky's Baptism...and her doting (and slightly clueless) parents!

Amy and I are both mothers of little ones. None of our children have yet reached the mature age of three! Although we both studied theology on the academic level, our experience as mothers has taught us that bringing the beauty of our faith down to the level of a tot is a whole different ballgame. We wrote our book hoping to share with other parents of young children some of the lessons we've learned, especially how to pass the faith on to our little stinkers without watering it down or going crazy!

Because we're both moms of small children, we also know how moms of small children read - in bits and spurts! The book is designed to be something you can skim, read from cover to cover, or read a random page of here and there. It's written really colloquially, too...like we're sitting down having a mom/dad's night out with the reader! We know how fried a mom or dad's brain can get and how hard it is to read anything academic when you're just. so. sleep. deprived.


Every chapter has a place for you to keep track of things.

Not every mom is a baby book maker or a scrapbooker...but every mom at least likes the idea of being able to jot down notes of the funny and lovely things their children do and say. At the end of every chapter is a place for you to satisfy that very need :-)


Anecdotes galore!!!!

Ever since becoming a mom I LOVE anecdotes! I love hearing stories from other moms - stories of how they do what they do, stories of when they didn't do things quite right...just plain stories of parenthood! Our book is saturated with lots of stories of this kind - stories from the trenches of Catholic parenthood. It definitely makes for an easy read!


Ideas for all kinds of different activities...

Not every mom is a pinterest mom (most don't have time for that!!). Even those of us who relish complicated projects sometimes need painful simple ideas for things. Each chapter includes several "activity ideas" - ranging from the incredibly easy to those that are not for the faint of heart. We know that, depending on the day - or depending on what time your precious offspring woke you up that day - you may or may not be up for undertaking projects. A lot of these ideas are ideas that don't require any prep work at all...just simple suggestions for weaving our Catholic faith into life with our children.

BUT for those days that the littles sleep in past 8am (precious few though they may be!!) and you got to check your e-mail in total silence...well, there are some more involved projects for those days, too ;-)

Either way...a great resource for ideas for catechizing babies, toddlers, and young preschoolers!


Lots of pretty pictures :-)

When Amy and I first hatched the idea for this book, one thing that was very important to us was including pictures! We both agreed that there were many days when flipping through a book or blog and looking at pictures was the only form of reading we were capable of. So, yes, friends...we made sure to include some lovely pictures for those very days. :-)

So...what are you waiting for?! Hop on over and order a copy straight from Liguori or from Amazon for yourself or another young parent you know. Wouldn't this be a great Baptism gift for a new parent??


  1. 1 - great post!!!
    2 - I hope I didn't bomb that interview. Lol. It was fine, but man, that radio host was so good at his job it was a little intimidating! I felt like he knew the book so well and he kept asking me about parts you had written, lol :)


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