WWWS (What WE wore Sunday) and Sunday Best!

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This is a picture of what WE (and by we I mean Sister Stinky, Baby Sister, Stinky's baby doll, Monsignor, and me) wore to the Saturday Vigil Mass. We opted for that Mass instead of our usual Sunday morning one because it was the "farewell" Mass and reception for our beloved Monsignor. (Sister Stinky still gets an A-...but partially because I feel bad for her since she hadn't napped and had a hard time falling asleep the night before.) We're really going to miss him, but we thank God for blessing us with him for the last two years!!! He is a truly wonderful example of what a pastor should be.

Sister Stinky and her beloved "Mon-sin-or."

Thankfully, he's only being transferred to a parish 10 minutes from our house, so we'll still get to see him for daily Mass and such! Now I'm busy trying to teach Sister Stinky that not all priests are referred to as "Monsignor."

We made sure to wish Monsignor a Happy Father's Day. We've also had one of our diocese's new priests visiting us (since we are his "home parish") and we made sure to wish him a "Happy First Father's Day!" He laughed and said, "I guess I can't escape that one anymore!" Glad we could make him feel old ;-) Make sure to wish the spiritual fathers in your life a Happy Father's Day, too!

And of course, Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there!! 

Happy Father's Day to all the Dzia-dzias (and Daddies of bloggers)...

To all Granddads (and Daddies of Abbots)...

 To all godfathers (to the left of the Abbot)...

And of course to all Daddies...

 I feel soooo blessed to have this man as the father of my daughters. (And that cuddly newborn picture up there gets me really excited for the upcoming birth of his second daughter!!)

Happy Father's Day! Hug or kiss a dad in your life :-)


  1. Happy Father's day to your family! I can't wait to meet the next tiny baby--6 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!:D

  2. So sweet! You are so adorable pregnant (and not pregnant! hah!) I'm glad your Monsignor isn't going to far away. I couldn't imagine our priest moving away from us (it doesn't help that he is one of Jon's drinking buddies...).

    Oh and please tell me what carrier The Abbot is using! I saw someone at Mass use one just like that once and I love it. I want a soft structured carrier so we tried out the Ergo but neither of us are fans!

  3. Hey Michele, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I will go find a ReUse it store! We had one back when we lived in Rochester, NY. My hubby was a grad student there when I was pregnant with my #2. I never saw my husband! He was always at school/work/or studying in basement. Lol.

    Love the pics! Your family is adorable.


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