WIWS and Sunday Best - almost 35 weeks!!!

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Almost 35 weeks! Baby Sister has definitely dropped a little, and I am very grateful for that! It's so hard to believe that I'll be full term in a little over 2 weeks! I am hoping and praying for a July 16th birthday for my little girl - the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. (I'll also be 38 weeks at this point...if you're one of those mamas who adamantly want to hold out for week 39, please don't judge...I have just been nauseous for SO LONG and my endurance is rapidly fading in that area!) Our Lady of Mount Carmel is our family's favorite title for Mary (4 years old on that day, the Abbot and I even got to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular by our parish priest...very cool!), and our sweet baby girl is going to have Mary as one of her patrons. Going into labor and giving birth on that day would be such a dream come true!!! But alas, God's will be done, not mine ;-)

Mommy and daughters had to take a picture with Baby Sister's patron saint! 

This Sunday we are in between saying farewell to one pastor (last weekend) and having a welcoming Mass for the installation of our new one (next weekend). So, the Abbot and I decided to take advantage of that and go to Mass at a beautiful church we often pass on our Sunday drives. It totally exceeded our expectations!! (Especially the homily - it was an awesome one all about how our challenge in the modern world is to remember that we can't vote on what we believe to be true and moral, but rather have to rely on God's revelation. Such a great reminder, especially as we prepare for this year's Fortnight for Freedom in our country!) This church was actually a fairly new one, too, which the Abbot and I found encouraging. Both being raised in the 80s and 90s we've seen alot of newer churches that aren't all that...umm....well...we've seen some interesting architecture in our day. Lately, it seems like all the newer churches being built incorporate something of traditional Catholic church architecture with newer features - and the results that we've seen have been beautiful! (Especially in our current diocese.)

This church, though, was beautiful inside and out! It's about 20ish minutes away from our house, right in the foothills of the Ozarks. Gorgeous. The surrounding countryside is definitely our favorite part of our current home (especially after spending our childhoods in the mostly flat Chicago area). We LOVE our Sunday drives!

Sneaky picture of the Abbot taken while he watched Sister Stinky play outside the church...he kinda saw me taking it and just rolled his eyes and played along. He's getting used to his wife being a blogger.

The parish also had a school, which means they had a playground! Sister Stinky happily "released her wiggles" (name that movie) while the Abbot and I enjoyed the beautiful morning.

Just look at those hills. Beautiful. This was my view from the bench while I watched Stinky playing.

And oh my goodness...can we have three cheers for the Mass readings lately??? Yesterday's first reading (from 2nd Corinthians) was one of my all time favorites, with Paul's famous line, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness...for whenever I am weak, then I am strong." Then today's Gospel - about taking up your cross every day and following Christ - LOVE! I always forget how rich the readings can be during Ordinary Time. Liturgical geek that I am, I get SO PUMPED when one of my favorites comes up and do everything I can to get to Mass that day, then sit there with a goofy grin when they read it. (I do the same thing for favorite feasts, too.) I know. You're wondering how the Abbot can endure living through one liturgical year after another with me. Take up your cross much? ;-)

Speaking of upcoming birthdays...anyone else have a summer birthday? Have you considered treating yourself to a copy of the newest must-have book for Catholic moms and dads?? (A wee bit biased...)
The last one I did with Liguori did eventually come out in digital form (for Kindles and e-readers) so if that's deterring you, it probably will come out in e-copy eventually. BUT I have to say, a hard copy of the book is great to have, because there are alot of pages where you can fill out memories of your child's faith journey!


  1. Putting the book on my Amazon wish list for after we move! Prayers for you in these last few weeks!

  2. I am hoping for my scheduled c-section to be on the 16th. I'll be 39 weeks. My husband and I are also both enrolled in the brown scapular. I hope the severe nausea goes away soon!

  3. I love that Stinky is smiling in the first picture:) If all the Abbot did was roll his eyes at you taking pictures, imagine what he would've done if I was there taking pictures too! HAHA. A certain birthday Mama should expect something in the mail this week;)

  4. You look just lovely pregnant! Pretty purple dress!

  5. I'll pray you get your due date wish :) I was nauseous all nine (ten?) months with my second, and it's the worst. Amazing how that instantly goes away as soon as you give birth. Your daughter is darling, by the way!

  6. 1) is that a "hint, hint God" i hear? lol :)
    2) i'm sooo jealous of the playgrounds you find! we've been working our way through parks here lately, and none of them have toddler friendly play structures. they are either too intimidating for charlie or just down right dangerous. sigh.
    3) beautiful dress!!

    1. 1) yes
      2) Such a huuuuuge improvement on our options in South Bend!
      3) Thanks! Thrifted and altered. ;-)


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