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"I look like bal-ee-nah!" 

I love the little girl swimsuits with skirts...so sweet and modest and pretty! I got this one - with the original tags still on it! - for only $4 at a resale event...can't beat that!


I got to go blueberry picking with my Loves the other morning! (We returned to the place where we went last year.) The littler one kept finding berries, saying, "Oh! This looks yummy," and devouring them. We still ended up with over 11 lbs when all was said and done!


The Abbot was helping some friends move this morning (normally I run errands by myself on Saturday mornings). So, I had a little buddy with me while I ran errands. One of them was stopping by the store to use up some birthday money on transition clothes (i.e. clothes that will work now and post-partum). I was successful and the best part was...we discovered that if I don't want to wear this shirt it can easily double as a dress for Sister Stinky! 


Soooo...how do you manage to pick over 5 lb of blueberries when you are 8+ months pregnant, have a toddler in tow, and it's really warm and sunny out?

You plop down on the ground (preferably with a toddler in your lap) in a patch of shade (to keep all involved cooler) and pick as many ripe berries as you can reach!!!

My 35.5 week belly is so large...and unlike last time (when I just felt so self-conscious) I am so very proud of it! ALOT of work and effort went into getting to the weight that I'm at now...and I'm so happy that my little babe and I were able to get to this point. I'm also so grateful to the Abbot, who has been serving me breakfast (cereal and sausage and sometimes fruit) and dinner (cereal) and even some lunches almost every day since November...his youngest daughter and I would not have reached a healthy weight if it hadn't been for his loving care :-) A team effort, indeed!

I've got some thoughts ruminating about all that happened in our country this past week...I'll see if I can gather them up into a post soon. Thanks for bearing with me as the post becomes slightly more sporadic in these final days of pregnancy!

Speaking of which...if anyone is interested in guesting posting after this babe is born...please let me know!


  1. I will for sure guest post for you - shoot me an email! :) Your eldest daughter is such a doll. That swimsuit is adorable. I wish all of our size swimsuits came with cute little skirts too!

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  3. Oh man, I love that swimsuit! Are you going to make blueberry pie? :D And I look forward to your post on this week's rulings.

    1. oops, double post! I did this from my phone, which could be the reason why....I love how SS's socks match her shorts and how I can tell just by looking at a picture that you went to Kohl's, haha. And do I spy you wearing a gray maxi skirt? I don't think I've seen that one before:)

    2. I deleted your duplicate comment for you! It's actually part of a gray maxi dress, but I layer it so it looks like a skirt. Very versatile! Btw...it is a semi miracle that she's actually matching in that picture! She has her own opinions about style, these days...

      Ooooo...blueberry pie sounds good, but probably shouldn't attempt it because that would too much wheat for my hyperemesis (too much of something with wheat in it tends to make the nausea worse). So maybe a yummy post partum treat???

  4. Such an adorable swimsuit!! And I'd love to guest post...of course I'd keep it Catholic mommy focused :)

    1. Amy, do you knit as well as sew your beautiful quilts (such prettiness!)? A knitting post could be fun!

  5. Oh my goooooodness! That is the sweetest and most adorable photo of her ever!

  6. Hahaha I love that you just sat down to pick blueberries! I wish I had been able to - next time maybe we'll try bringing a blanket to put the babies on, since they objected very much to being worn while we picked...


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