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Oh, goodness...I have a baby rolling around in my tummy and tons of nausea, so I thought it was high time I distract myself with some lovely things...like the Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real link-up!!!


This package arrived in the mail today... beautiful Schylling bells, bought at a discounted rate off of Zulily! They're our newest Preschool space addition. I actually ordered two pairs, because I would eventually like to make our own set of Montessori bells, much like these. But for right now we're just exploring the sounds and having a lot of fun. Tonight we were trying to decide which bells were "lower" and which were "higher." Sister Stinky has definitely inherited her parents' love of music so these are worth their weight in gold! We're going to get tons of mileage out of them!


While we were outside on the swing before naptime, Sister Stinky and I decided that we should make our own "outdoor book basket"...a basket full of books, ready and waiting by the back door whenever we wanted to read outside! We read a few swinging in the mid-day breeze and it was lovely!

Also happy...the Abbot's dad is visiting us tonight! His company has an office near where we live, so he periodically stops in for a night when he comes down on business. We always love to see him! We celebrated tonight with dinner outside! The weather was perfect...much cooler than is usual for this time of year.

{funny and real}

Funny: a barefoot little Stinker (who constantly requests to be in "just feet" sans shoes). Sadly, the Abbot informed me tonight that he's found some sharp things in our driveway so we're back to shoes up there.

Real: This is the swing and patio furniture that has been sitting mostly unused in our backyard for the past year. Our backyard looks lovely but becomes positively infested with mosquitos and bird poop in the summer. So, I finally caved and convinced the Abbot to dedicate part of our large driveway to a patio type area. Now I actually enjoy being outside with Sister Stinky (who's at that age where she would live outside if you let her!).


  1. I love the McD's iced tea ;)

  2. Those bells look awesome! My big kids would totally live outside too, and it's awesome because our new yard seems relatively mosquito-free (so far) during the day, so they don't come in all bitten up!

    I'm excited to try all sorts of pinterest-worthy outdoor activities with them - right now I have giant ice cubes freezing that we're going to play with later!


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