{phfr} 34 weeks edition!!

As always, linking up with the lovely ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Hop on over for more pictures of contentment!


I've been working on Sister Stinky's baby book on and off since before she was born! Now, with Baby Sister's birth in sight, I decided I better wrap it up and fill in all the blanks before I start on our family's second baby book! The Abbot and I are enjoying a trip down memory lane. :-)

A friend of mine is on her third boy, and she's made scrapbooks for the first two and has probably already started the one for the third. She's kind of upping the ante for me ;-)

Now I'm going to browse Amazon for a second baby book. Any suggestions? Sister Stinky's is a Beatrix Potter one and the British lingo cracks up the Abbot. (For example, "first holiday" means "first vacation," etc.) I like how it's simple but has plenty of room for pictures and some great memory prompts.


34+ weeks!! I'm so happy the little girl and I have made it this far, and both in good health, despite the awful nausea! Not all hyperemesis stories are so happy...I'm so grateful that ours is.


Why yes, that is a DIY map of the world at the time of Early Christianity. What else would you expect to see on the wall of the Abbot's office?


Toes? Toes, where are you??? I can't remember what you look like! ;-)

The doctor told me at my last check-up that I'm actually measuring a little ahead...which doesn't mean much of anything, other than that my baby isn't a shrimp! So three cheers for the baby NOT suffering from Mommy's hyperemesis! It's been a full-time job, making sure I eat enough in spite of the nausea (and by full-time I mean a full-time joint effort on the part of the Abbot AND me) ...but I think I'm winning this battle! 


  1. You look great! That baby book looks really cute. You've reminded me that I'd better get to work on my daughter's (she just turned two, so I've probably forgotten all her baby moments, good mother that I am). Gotta get on that!

    Hang in there! Only a few more weeks to go!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, my daughter's 2 1/2, hence the questions marks after some of her entries...I'm like, um...I think that was at 10 months?

  2. My first child has a beautiful baby book and detailed scrapbook of toddlerhood.... my second child has a book (half done but full of cute pictures) My third child... well, there's the blog LOL. You look wonderful! Congratulations on making it this far and good luck on book #2 and baby #2 :)

    1. Haha...thanks! Yeah, I'm hoping I can pull together some sort of minimal baby book for each of them, but we'll see how that plays out once more babies come along, haha!

  3. Jeffery has the same baby book- with the same British lingo! With James I actually found another Beatrix Potter one- not intentional just my favorite the store had. Different style but same British lingo!

    1. We love us some British lingo around here, haha!


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