Happy Baptism Anniversary, sweet one!

Today was a special day...the 2nd anniversary of our sweet first godchild's baptism! We have been so blessed to live pretty close to her while the Abbot is working on his doctrate, and we both love her so much! (Actually, Sister Stinky does, too...our goddaughter is her best friend!) Two years ago today, the Abbot and I were blessed to begin this journey with this sweet little girl...the journey of helping her grow closer to God. We have treasured so much the opportunity to pray with and for her, and to help her along on her journey to heaven.

This morning, our little family went to daily Mass so we could offer it for this sweet girl, and on the way we explained to Sister Stinky what our special prayer intention would be for the day. She was immensely confused at first, and thought her friend was getting baptized again today. We got that cleared up pretty quickly! (Poor girl is just so concerned about making sure we know that we must baptize Baby Sister that the topic of Baptism leaks into our conversation more often than usual...)

The Blessed Mother is our goddaughter's patron saint...if you have a moment, can you say a Hail Mary for this sweet little girl?

Aren't godchildren the BEST?!!


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