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Now that we're finally home again, the nesting is kicking in big time! I remember it hitting around this time when I was pregnant with Sister Stinky, too. I want to clean and de-clutter our home as much as possible, and I've already begun tackling some projects (that are less fun but need to be done). Here are my five favorite projects that I have yet to tackle but that I anticipate being more fun :-)

By the way, if you could say an extra prayer for me and Baby Sister...the nausea has been pretty bad again for the past week or so and I've had little to no appetite for anything. Please pray that it subsides enough that I'm able to get the food I need to help this little girl fatten up in the final stretch!!!


Knit Teal Baby Headband, Earwarmer With Crocheted Gold Rosette Accessory Size 0-3 Months: Easter/Spring

Having a summer baby is a whole new ballgame for me! The last time I had a baby she was not only a late fall baby...but she was really more like a winter baby since she was born at the end of October in northern Indiana!!! It snowed about a week after she was born! So last time around I was all about bundling up my little bundle. This time around...not so much! I'm trying to think of ways to keep her comfortable and cool, without getting chilled either. I've acquired a stock of nice cotton yarn (lightweight and breathable!) so I'm thinking instead of a slew of hats this time I may just need to bring some thick-banded headbands along to the hospital (Sister Stinky never kept her hat on anyway!). I'm thinking something lovely like the one pictured above (from Etsy) would be nice. 


Baby Girl Booties - Modern Crochet Fashion- Purple Loafer Handmade Shoes - Infant 3 to 6 Months - Size 2 - Gift Boxed - Ready to Ship

Again, I remember it being near impossible to keep a pair of socks on Sister Stinky's feet when she was a newborn! Most of them were too big for her. I'm hoping to use some of that cotton yarn to make a small fitted pair, something like this pair from Etsy. I've crocheted baby booties before, but never for my own baby, so this should be fun!


I don't have a picture of this one...but I'm hoping to add some new details to our family's baptismal gown! We couldn't find mine when Sister Stinky was born (and the Abbot wore one of those little suits) so I actually sewed one for Sister Stinky, keeping it fairly simple. My goal is to add some small bit of detailing to the gown for each new child (nothing super girly, since we're hoping to have a boy at some point in the line-up!). I had also made her a beautiful little white "garment" to put over her gown (our old parish required that you have some sort of white bib or garment or something if you weren't going to have the baby immersed in the baptismal font) so I might take a look at that and see if the stitching needs any repairs. I'll have to take pictures of these when I'm done! If all goes normally for delivery, we're hoping to baptize Baby Sister fairly soon after birth (probably 2-3 weeks after her arrival) so this will need to be done before I'm full term!


This is not necessarily the swing I have in mind, but I'm on the lookout for something similar! Our place is so small that I definitely need a portable one. Before Sister Stinky was born I was anti-swing because I expected myself to be able to hold her all the time and keep her perfectly soothed in a wrap, etc. Needless to say, I quickly discovered that even the best moms need some space from their little ones! Our NFP instructor actually lent us her portable baby swing and while Sister Stinky wasn't crazy about it, it did help her calm down and even doze for brief periods. Knowing that I'm going to have a clingy 2-year-old in addition to a newborn means that I'm going to need a soothing place to put Baby Sister from time to time...and I think a swing will be just the ticket. Just keeping an eye our for the best sales and trying to decide what kind I like! Brand suggestions are definitely appreciated :-)


Okay, our room definitely isn't that big or fancy (and no daughter of mine is going to be named William!) but we do need to figure out a way to reconfigure out bedroom so our newest daughter can have a corner of it for her own. We are planning on having the girls share a room as soon as possible, but we realistically know that there's no way that will be possible when we first come home from the hospital! Reorganizing our room (and putting the white noise machine in there!) will hopefully help all of us to settle in and doze (in 1-2 hour increments, of course). Last time we tried to do it sans white noise and the Abbot and I quickly realized we were waaaay too light of sleepers to manage that with our noisy little newborn! We're hoping for better results this time (and hopefully for a newborn who doesn't grunt excessively in her sleep like our last one did, haha....)

Any other suggestions for our adjustment to 2 from 1? I'd love veteran's advice!!!


  1. A good swing is KEY - it takes up a lot of floor space, but our fisher price starlight papasan cradle swing has been INCREDIBLE. It has lights that seriously hypnotize the babies into sleeping, and I used to put Cecilia in it when she was fussing while I tried to get John Paul down for his nap - 9 times out of 10 she'd end up falling asleep and I'd have a blissful 30 minutes or so to myself! You get REALLY good at using your time wisely :)

    1. 30 minutes to myself with a newborn and toddler asleep? Sounds like a swing is worth every penny!!!

  2. I can highly recommend this portable swing:

    It's nice and small which was a huge factor for us too. It has music that you can adjust the volume on, 5 different speeds, and a timer that you can set to have it turn off in 30-60 minutes if you want. We love it!

    1. Oh, a 60 minute timer! I feel like I've only found 30 minute ones so far and that feels too short. I'll have to check that one out. And yes...small is definitely necessary in our living quarters!!!

  3. whatever swing you go with, get one that PLUGS in. It will never die on you, thus waking baby, and you can spend all the extra battery money on, like, food and shelter.

  4. that's hilarious that you were anti swing before - i didn't know that!! all those attachment parenting websites making you think that when babies are held, they're instantly happy, eh? ;). also the headbands are adorable!! and we are also going to have the boys share a room, but keep in mind that that can't realistically happen until thing #2 sleeps through the night. i mean, i suppose you could put them together before then, but she'd probably wake up thing #1 every night, and then you have to get BOTH back to sleep, so that would just be annoying. and how long did you try to sleep with stinky in your own room before you switched her out before? we get used to sleeping through baby noises after a little while; it might just be something you need to give a bit more time to. which you will this time, though not really by choice i suppose! unless someone is willing to part with their office, which i highly doubt...:)

    1. Yeah...a certain someone is definitely not willing to part with his office, haha. Yeah, we definitely didn't try it for very long last time (about 2 weeks?) but we'll have to this time! Of course, we've had to share a room with Stinky on and off over the years when we were out of town, so I think we've gotten more used to baby noises. Part of the problem last time is that I read this crazy suggestion that made it sound like if you responded to every little noise the baby makes he/she will learn not to cry...umm....right. I'll let you guess how that worked out! I think we're alot smarter about some things this time. Doesn't mean I won't be calling friends who are seasoned moms of two for frantic advice!!!

    2. haha, yeah, Andrew told me about that "theory"....ppl post stuff like that and do NOT realize how it messes with new moms!!!


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