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As always, linking up with dear Jen and friends!


First off, thanks for all of you who said a few prayers for me and my nausea this week - they definitely helped!! After being home for almost a full week now, and back on a diet of "safe foods" it seems like my nausea is finally returning to "normal for me" levels. It is wonderful to be able to fall asleep without feeling like throwing up! Still ridiculously excited for my first post-partum meal, though! 


Jen's post really was great this week...she hits on the importance of considering your circumstances before comparing yourself to someone else. I am so bad about comparing myself to other moms that I know, and worrying that I'm getting off too easy. For example, the Abbot is now officially in his first year of working on his dissertation/proposal and so his hours are ridiculously flexible (although he still has to work alot!). This means that when I need help or I need a break, or I'm just too nauseous to go down to the kitchen and get Sister Stinky a banana...he's got my back! I feel bad about that, because I know some of my friends would LOVE to have their husband more available. But then I consider our circumstances, and realize that there is a reason why things are the way they are, and God knew that when He called us to this life we're living. (For example, guessing most pregnant mamas don't deal with awful nausea for the duration of their pregnancies...) I'm trying to just be grateful for that, and grateful that God is making it possible for us to live out our vocations...but it doesn't mean that I'm not too hard on myself at times!


The summer I was pregnant with Sister Stinky I remember wishing I could try swimming because supposedly it was the ideal pregnancy exercise (and on top of the nausea, I had some bad pregnancy pain that made it extremely difficult to walk - most likely a result of sitting in grad classes for hours every day!!!). 

I'm happy to say we now live by a community pool and swimming is everything they say it is and more. For the brief time I'm in the water, my body actually feels semi-normal, sans pain or discomfort!


Speaking of which, I don't think the hospital I'll be delivering at this time has a laboring tub. The hospital I delivered Stinky at did. Granted, being in the tub slowed my labor with her down, but it really did help me relax...I even dozed off in there a bit!!!


Totally random, but I have really been fighting leaving Google Reader, but after the millionth reminder that the end is in sight (and after realize Bloglovin' and I weren't clicking well) I've finally switched to Feedly...and I love it! So if you're looking for a new reader I'd definitely recommend it!


By the way, have I mentioned that the beloved Monsignor is being transferred out of our parish? We're pretty devastated, but trying to be open to who our new pastor will be.

The other day Sister Stinky and I were talking about this, as well as talking about who will baptize Baby Sister (because her latest obsession is reminding us that Baby Sister will need to be baptized when she comes out). This resulted in the following conversation...

Me: Remember, Mommy said that Monsignor is going to be moving, and we'll be getting a new priest.
Sister Stinky: Monsignor?
Me: No, we won't call him "Monsignor." We'll just call him "Father."
Sister Stinky: Father to me?
Me: Yes, Love, he'll be a spiritual father to you.
Sister Stinky: Hold me like a baby?
Me: No, sweetheart. Priests only hold little babies like babies. He'll hold Baby Sister like a baby.
Sister Stinky: I'm little on [the] inside....

We definitely have some adjusting to do before there's another baby around here...although she has been actively telling Baby Sister to come out...

Sister Stinky: Baby Sister, come out [of] Mommy's tummy!
Me: No, sweetheart, she's not coming out yet. A few more weeks.
Sister Stinky: Baby Sister stuck in Mommy's tummy?
Me: No, she's not stuck in there. She's just too little to come out yet.
Sister Stinky: Baby Sister, no [don't] come out yet!

This morning, she wanted to feed Baby Sister a bottle...and attempted to do so via my belly button...


One more happy thought...have you checked out the the book yet?!!!


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