WIWS - Almost 31 weeks!

Linking up, as always, with the lovely ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.

Almost 31 weeks! I promised you would see plenty more of this blue dress, and I'm happy to deliver!

 Just jotting this down before I head off to Mass. Sister Stinky pulled back the shade this morning and shouted, "Look, Mommy! Blue sky back!" And that says it all. 

Enjoy your sunny Sunday, wherever you may be :-)

Btw...please keep up your prayers for the Abbot's grandmother, in her final hours with us. Please pray under the intercession of St. Joseph that she may be given the grace of a happy death. 


  1. You look great! And prayers for Abott's grandmother!

  2. I am so sorry about Abbots grandmother. I pray St. Joseph is with her.
    I am loving the baby bump!! You look wonderful!!

    1. Thanks, Mary!!! Btw...I loved your maxi dress this week!


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