The first of our "real" Montessori materials have arrived! I got these red rods and broad stairs off of e-bay for waaaaay less than they would have cost new, and I'm glad I did. Sister Stinky is so attracted to them, even if she's still learning how to use them.


All the above pictures are blurry because she was in motion :-) The minute I unwrapped them she didn't want to let them go. (Last night I re-finished the broad stairs, which were a bit beat up, and she was so upset when she came upstairs and they weren't in their usual place. "Stairs, gone?!") I hadn't originally intended to buy these two materials but I'm soooo glad I did! And after seeing her delight at using them I went ahead and placed an order with one of the more reasonable priced Montessori companies, to get us some more of the basics. I can't wait to share them with you when they get here in a few days!

Maria Montessori was so right, though...there really is something about her materials that is sooo attractive - to children and adults alike! 


We went to the zoo the other day with a group of friends (with mostly daughters!! I feel like our usual group have a lot of sons). Sister Stinky had mixed reactions. She loves the idea of animals but is a bit intimidated by them. A few days before we went to the zoo she kept talking to me about giraffes eating off of trees (not even sure how she learned that tidbit!). Then, the day of our trip, she kept checking to make sure that the animals would "stay in gates!" She did enjoy the giraffes for a few minutes (she's upset in the top picture because she didn't want her picture taken) and she did love the fish in the hippos' tank...but was majorly freaked out when the hippo swam by. "Mommy! Mommy, hold you!"


Thanks for everyone who commented on the Five Favorites post earlier this week. I go back and forth on how much to share about my hyperemesis, but I'm beginning to realize that if I share more about it it may be a help to other women in a similar situation.

Despite the fact we had beautiful weather the first part of this week, the hyperemesis still reared its ugly head.  I was surprised how bad it was, considering the weather was so nice. Our zoo morning was one of blessed relief, though! No nausea all morning! Earlier in the week, we took a trip to the park, and poor Sister Stinky had a mainly "observant mother" who could really only watch while she played:

(The bottom one is not a selfie. It was taken by Sister Stinky, and she was very insistent about it!)

I was soooo proud of her, though, because we walked to the park and she didn't ride in the stroller! That's right, we walked the few blocks together, hand in hand. It was lovely.

I've got to confess, though, that it was a bit concerning for me. Once upon a time, I used to run track (in high school). Normally I was a sprinter, but sometimes I'd have have to run a mile for a relay or something and I remember that feeling of being totally winded. I felt exactly that way walking to and from the park and we were creeping at a toddler's pace! I know a little breathlessness this late in pregnancy is not unusual, but that much is ridiculous. That day the act of fixing my hair in a ponytail left me exhausted! I was relieved when my lab work confirmed what I was thinking - that I had definitely become anemic. I had low iron whenever they checked last and had been taking supplements...but my levels were actually lower than they were before I started the supplements. Ridiculous but totally believable in light of my crazy food aversions this pregnancy and the higher levels of nausea (compared to last time). Thankfully, they were able to catch that and up my iron intake. So say some prayers! Some of the links you all shared with me when I shared my Five Favorites post were wonderful - testimonies about women who'd suffered the same or worse. One of the things they alluded to was the fact that, with hyperemesis, it's usually a matter of problems being cyclical - one thing leads to another and everything becomes a delicate balance. Soooo grateful that Baby Sister seems unaffected by this all, but prayers for her mama would be much welcomed!  (Especially prayers that the lower iron won't affect the little girl inside me.) I do realize that I am so blessed that, through all of this, our little baby still seems to be growing so well.  But still...all of your prayers are much appreciated :-)

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