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An updated peek at our "Preschool" space with some new materials...

Math and science...

Some sensorial...

        Practical life and language...

         More sensorial!


So you can imagine how happy I was to receive this shipment the other day...

I've spent the remainder of my paycheck from teaching religious ed this semester...and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchases! All of this was bought from Kid Advance. After looking over all the alternatives, they seemed to be the most affordable option for us, with the best reviews. I would happily endorse them! (And they didn't pay me to say that, haha!)

I still have a few more projects to tackle, like making stands for the metal insets and maybe painting some small number rods. But other than that, I'd say we're in pretty good shape! (I've thought of either making the metal inset stands, or buying something like this and mounting it to the wall.)


These pictures were taken by Sister Stinky. She tucked in the "baby pyramid."


We were able to scoop up these geometric solids (originally from Montessori Outlet) for about half of what they would have cost us (including if we'd had to pay shipping) from a local Montessori school that's closing. For the record, they are lovely! I've heard wonderful things about Montessori Outlet but it was just slightly out of our budget for our major purchase. But if you can afford it...they make beautiful materials!

So, yes...Sister Stinky tucks her geometric solids into bed. She has identified parents, grandparents, and a baby in her knobbed cylinder set. I've read about this happening with other Montessori kids..."playing" with the materials. I follow the basic guideline I've read, which is that you don't want them to misuse the materials or treat them roughly. But if they are exploring them in the right way, just with a little more flare...you don't need to stop them! I think it was something I read on Living Montessori Now, kind of along the lines of "if they aren't misusing the materials and if they are naturally creative...let them be!" I've had to relax in our Preschool time and keep that in mind. What is the goal of each material? Are we treating the materials with respect and working toward that goal? If yes, then it doesn't really matter if the materials are given names and personalities in the process ;-)

By the way, if you'd be so kind, please pray for the spouse of a friend of mine, who has been quite ill this week. The doctors are working to figure out what the problem is (and thankfully he does seem to be recovering). If you can pray for him, as well as his wife and infant son who haven't been able to see him while he's recovering (since they don't know if he's contagious and his son is quite small). Thanks!

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  1. I can imagine you and your children will really enjoy these educational and fun things.

    1. Sometimes I think my husband and I enjoy them even more than she does ;-)

  2. I just found your blog a couple of days ago, but I wanted to let you know I'm loving all the ideas you're giving me about doing montessori in the home! Now to start tackling some of my projects...

    1. Yay! So glad you found us (and please stop back often!). Good luck on your projects!

  3. I love that her sandals are a work in the shelf! Brilliant! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Haha...those are an unofficial work, I think. She just wanted to put them there and she placed them so neatly I just had to leave them ;-)


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