{phfr} - The First Haircut edition


This is her favorite spot to sleep in at her Grandma and Granddad's house - nestled in a corner of the room Mommy and Daddy are sleeping in, cozy on a crib mattress. 

I love Sister Stinky's hair, and I've been holding out for quite a while on her getting a haircut. But finally, the other day, I realized it was time. When I was giving her a bath, her wet hair was long enough for her to sit on...and that's been my barometer for the appropriate time to cut her hair. If hair length interferes with bathing and/or pottying then it's time for a cut!


We were pretty happy that the Abbot was able to come with us. He kept her calm and excited and having him there kept me from just sitting in the waiting area moaning, "My baby's curls! Please don't cut off my baby's curls!" 


Actual conversation on route to the haircut:

Sister Stinky: Um, have idea!
Me: What is it, sweetheart?
Sister Stinky: Get haircut!

Oh my goodness...seeing this little head at the top of that big cape...priceless. I especially loved her serious and focused facial expression while her hair was being cut. It reminded me of how serious I must have looked about hair cuts at that age. Normally, I think she's the spitting image of the Abbot, but today she looked an awful lot like her Mommy did as a toddler girl :-)

The woman who cut her hair was wonderful, by the way, and even indulged my request for a lock of baby curls for her baby book!


Big girl with her new haircut. And her post-haircut sucker, of course. Because why else would you go and get a haircut? 

We were so proud of her! She was such a big girl, and took it all in stride (which is a major sign of growing up, given that this sort of thing might have made her really scared when she was younger). Love this little girl. So glad she's a part of our family!

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