{phfr} Blessed by friendship!

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While visiting my in-laws, I got to spend time with this beautiful friend of mine, who lives not too far from them. She and I were in graduate school together. (We went to the same school undergrad, but I didn't really realize what an absolute gem she was until we got to know each other in our tiny grad program.) Spending an afternoon with her was absolutely wonderful. She is beautiful both inside and out and the more I get to know her the more I know that to be true :-)


This friend of mine is also a very gifted photographer and she took all these beautiful pictures of Sister Stinky playing in her Grandma and Granddad's backyard. Watching this little girl running around in the sunshine makes me very happy indeed!!! I look forward to the day that we have a yard that is a bit more conducive to play all year round (our current yard is beautiful but positively infested with mosquitos in the summertime).


She's not crying. She's being a dragon. It's one of her favorite games and is actually an occasional hit at the playground with other toddlers.

This is what 30 weeks looks like around here, people. Oh, yes, and the funny bit is that Sister Stinky truly believes that that outie of mine is somehow Baby Sister's nose or belly button or something. Last time around I hated having an outie, but this time around Sister Stinky has made that reality of pregnancy a cause for laughter.


My friend is a fellow adoration junkie (probably even more so than me!) and so we had to stop by to spend some time with Jesus during our afternoon together. Thankfully, the Abbot's family lives a short distance from a perpetual adoration chapel (which is a good place to go on dates, too!!!) so we were able to spend some good time with Jesus there. The friends that pray together, stay together, right?

Speaking of prayer, thank you for any prayers you offered up for my friend in labor the other day! She had a healthy delivery and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who is destined to be buds with Baby Sister. :-)

If you can, in your charity, please pray for the Abbot's grandma. She has been very sick for quite some time and it looks like the end is near. Please pray for her and this whole dear family who will miss her very much.


  1. I love the belly button! And it is an amazing thing when you get to go to Adoration with a friend. That is a special friend.

  2. Oh gosh, it was GREAT to see you too! Adoration is always a great time for prayer for me, a time when you know you're not alone. And praying with you makes that even more true! I love that little dragon;)

  3. I love that Sister Stinky thinks your outie is Baby Sister's nose. That is priceless!

  4. I think she looks like you! Sister Stinky that is. :)

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you! I'm always wishing she did but trying to resign myself to her looking like the Abbot (which she did for a while)...so I'm very excited to hear there's some resemblance again :-)


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