So, when I went into labor with Sister Stinky 3 years ago this October (a month filled with awesome feastdays!!!) I was sooo bummed that she wasn't going to be born on a feastday. Like, there were no feasts celebrated on the calendar for that day. Then, my labor carried over into the next day...but it, too, was a feast-free day.

Then, she got a special gift for her 1st birthday...the feastday of someone very, very special and very, very Polish was assigned to her birthday.

And now, it looks like she might get to celebrate this special saint's canonization for her third birthday.

Did I mention she loves popes, btw?

I like sharing my birthday with the feast of St. Irenaeus and the Abbot likes sharing his with St. Cyril of Jerusalem, but come on...did Sister Stinky hit the jackpot, or what?!!

That is all. Carry on with your Saturday :-)

(For the record, Baby Sister is hopefully going to be born in July...and that's chock full of great feastdays, too!!! Can't wait to see which one she picks for her arrival...)


  1. Oh that is fun! Michael was born on the feast of St. Raymond Nonnatus... patron of midwives! At first we were a little bummed because he missed St Rose of Lima (in the old calendar) but this saint was just fine with us! (PS if you haven't read about him, you should!)

    1. You are the second person in the past week to mention this saint to I've got to go check him out now!!!


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