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You know, it is truly remarkable how much little babes in-utero accomplish in the first 9 months of their development. One of the lesser known accomplishments (that happens to be my personal favorite) is the ability to kick so strongly that Mommy's laptop is moved all over the place. Baby Sister is already making her mommy smile with these and many other antics. What a silly little girl :-)


Have you ever heard of Puzzle Vehicles, perchance? One of our friends has the puzzle pieces but no vehicles, so I had seen the puzzle part before and went ahead and snagged a whole set for a measly $1.25 at the thrift store earlier. OH MY GOODNESS this toy is so fun!!! I wish I'd gotten the other set that was there, too (and may need to venture back sometime next week to see if it's still there). This may need to make it's way onto a future birthday or Christmas list because Sister Stinky LOVES this! I had mainly gotten it with the intention of helping her work with a jigsaw puzzle but the whole track component (we got the train one) has her over the roof with delight! 

(I just realized that they're on Amazon, too, and for a lot cheaper! This is the one we got.)


While we're on the topic of great thrift store finds...I got the toy above at the same thrift store for only $1.50! Sister Stinky has really fallen in love with stringing beads (and then asking me to wear them as necklaces) so I was excited to find her a box with different shaped beads for an extra challenge. 


Oh. My. Goodness. This little love of mine. 

When I was pregnant with her I worked up to and while I was in labor (early labor, at least...I was done with work for the day by the time I was in active labor, thankfully!!). I thought that was hard, and it was. Undoubtedly, it is even harder to do in some ways, this current job of mine (mothering a toddler!) while in my third trimester.

But it is soooo much better than my last job!!! This little person is a lot of work but she is the best kind of work I've ever had to do. I mean, I don't know about you but she's the first boss (thankfully) that I've had who nuzzles my nose, kisses me, and spontaneously says, "I love you, Mommy"....for no reason at all! It keeps me going, having this little ball of energy and love in my life. I never realized how selfish a person I was until I met her, and she has slowly helped me out of that selfishness (although I still have a long way to go!!). 

She and I went to the library the other day, and we met a nanny there with two of the children she cares for. The nanny asked me, "So you take care of your own babies?" She and I proceeded to talk about the large family she grew up in (14 kids!) and her sainted mother. Being surrounded by other stay at home mothers back home (this encounter happened while we were visiting family) I sometimes forget that this vocation of mine is an opportunity to slow down and take in the littleness of my "babies." It is challenging and joyfilled all rolled into one. Taking the opportunity to think about that reminds me of why I started this blog to begin with - to give you a peek into our own little rhythm...our joys and sorrows, the pattern of each day. The waking, the praying, the sleeping, the eating, the playing. The instances of God working in such little ways in our lives. I am so grateful for my domestic monastery!


Speaking of family and domestic monasteries, please continue to keep the Abbot's dear grandmother in your prayers, and please especially ask for the intercession of St. Joseph. The end is near for her -and the past few days have been ones of much suffering for her - and it would be wonderful if you could all storm heaven for this beautiful woman, and pray that she may be granted the grace of a peaceful and happy death!


I have a future blog post ruminating in my mind about all of this - something about suffering and how the suffering we encounter throughout our lives prepares us for that final suffering we will all encounter. Yet another reason to embrace the cross in this life, I suppose. Still thinking, but I'll try and share more in some future post.


Faith Beginnings

Last but not least....the book is out...ahead of schedule it seems!!!! So go ahead and order yours today! (It looks like it's still only available for pre-order on Amazon.) Friends...I am soooo excited about this book! Amy and I hope that this book will be a really helpful tool to other young Catholic parents. Once I get my author copies look for a giveaway and maybe even a blog hop. I'm so excited!!!!


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