WIWS - almost 25 weeks!

Linking up with the lovely ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for another week of What I Wore Sunday.

Almost 25 weeks! I feel like this little girl will be here before we know it. :-)

I didn't really capture the lacy skirt but it's one of my favorites and thankfully has fit me for most of the duration of both of my pregnancies!!

After Mass (and Donut Sunday!!!!) we changed and headed out to a local state park that is one of our favorites. All the state and county parks are pretty hilly around here, but we found one that wasn't too bad and I took the (not too steep) hills nice and slow. The neighborhood we live in is extremely hilly and Sister Stinky and I go for walks almost every day when it's nice, so I have a little practice at pacing myself up those hills!

"Hold you, Daddy!" won out in the end, and the Abbot hoisted her up on his shoulders. I think he got the real workout out of the four of us :-) (Baby Sister actually dozed off during our walk after an extremely active morning. As she gets older she is starting to mimic her sister's movement patterns in utero, with more activity during the daytime. The poor Abbot is hoping we don't have another Mommy-mini-me on our hands...keeping up with Sister Stinky and me is enough for him!! I'm hoping she has some of Daddy's calmness, too!)

Please pray in a special way for Gavin and his family today, too. I can't imagine the heartache that poor family is going through right now. Pray for them!


  1. We still haven't gotten out on our Easter hike yet. It's been so beautiful outside, we really should get out and enjoy something other than a nearby playground.

    The color of the skirt looks lovely. Maybe you'll get another wear or two out of it yet.


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