WIWS - almost 27 weeks!

Linking up as always to the lovely ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.

Almost 27 weeks! Third (and last!) trimester, here we come!

Yes, Sister Stinky is in the bottom left corner of the top picture. She wanted to take her picture, too.

This was the conversation she had with the Abbot when we came back from our post-Mass Sunday drive:

Sister Stinky: Take picture self, too!

The Abbot (thinking she said "paper towel" which actually does sound similar): Yeah, we're out of toilet paper. (She calls toilet paper "paper towels.")

Me: No, she's just saying she wants to take a picture of herself.

The Abbot: Oh, you want to take a picture of yourself? Are you going to post it on your blog, like Mommy?

The Abbot finds the WIWS link-up hilarious for some reason and chuckles to himself as I take my own picture each week. Husbands. What are you going to do with 'em, huh?

The hyperemesis nausea has been pretty bad this week. One day it actually lasted all day and the other days it was really, really bad in the evenings and night and late afternoon...like bad enough that it felt like there was throw up in my throat as I was trying to sleep. No fun! Big consolation? Baby Sister is getting SOOO BIG and her little movements are now visible from the outside and starting to amuse her parents ;-)

Coming up soon...our Montessori space is now carved out, but not complete! Look for updates soon. Also, please say a prayer for a dear friend who is in labor/or newly delivered right now. It's her first!


  1. Love the photo bomb haha. And I love your bump!

    1. Thanks! Yeah...toddler photo bombs are the best :-)

  2. Oh don't get me started on husbands and their view of selfies/blog pics. ;) J makes so much fun of me when I ask him to take a photo... but then I am the Queen of Failed Selfies. SO, I either skip the photo altogether or just suck it up and ask him to do it for me.

    Happy third trimester! And can't wait to see that montessori space! I'm just now starting to think along those lines with Stinkbug (I'm doing the name! haha). He scoots around his room and grabs whatever is in his reach - so no more toys on high shelves! Do you have a good book by Maria Montessori that you would recommend for me to start with? There are so many!

    1. Hey, Kate! Having been a working mom at one point I know that the BEST kind of book is one with pictures that you can just chill out with and absorb at the end of a long day ;-) The best book I could recommend to you (and the one that inspired me the most when I was getting started) is "How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way" by Tim Seldin. Beautiful pictures and really inspirational and informative text. I have yet to buy it but I've checked in out from the library numerous times :-) Stinkbug is a little cutie...and I LOVE the name!

  3. Toddler photo bombs are the BEST! You look wonderful I hope and pray that you feel better soon and are able to fully enjoy the last three months of your pregnancy.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I'm doubting the nausea is going to improve at this point, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy these last few months with this little girl inside me :-)

      Glad to see your girl is doing, better!


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