WIWS - almost 26 weeks!!!

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Almost 26 weeks! This pregnancy really is flying by compared to my pregnancy with Sister Stinky.

Baby Sister is getting to be really active! And much bigger! Praise God my doctor's appointment last week confirmed that I am now gaining weight at a healthy rate. The nausea still makes eating difficult at times but I'm able to tolerate more and have learned how to pack in the calories at lunch time so that my meager dinner of (typically) a bowl or two of cereal doesn't leave me wanting. It's working!

You'll notice the backdrop is different, no? We went up to visit the Abbot's family this weekend (hence the silence around here for a few days). If you could, please keep his grandma in your prayers, as she is not doing well. It was good to see her...she is so lovable that I feel almost as if she is my own grandmother!

Also, please say a quick prayer for Baby Sister. The ultrasound to check her heart is this week. (Reminder: as far as we know her heart is healthy, but she was in an uncooperative position last time so they couldn't check it as thoroughly as they needed to.) The nurse practitioner who I saw at my appointment this past week said that Baby Sister seems healthy and seems to be developing normally, so I should try not to worry. Just pray that she cooperates and get herself in a better position for this ultrasound! Sister Stinky is coming with me, and the sound of her little voice usually gets Baby Sister moving around ;-)


  1. What a cute little getup! I'm glad to hear the pregnancy is going better for you, and prayers all around.


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