What We Wore Easter

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

Happy Easter everyone!! Don't you love that we have 50 DAYS to celebrate as much as we want?!

Before I settle in to do some more work on some toy orders (check out our pick your price Catholic toy store!!!) I just had to share these lovelies with you.

Thanks for any and all prayers, because we were able to make it to the whole Triduum, despite my hyperemesis! I was so excited.

Sister Stinky went to her fourth Easter Vigil, and Baby Sister to her first. Both girls did pretty well. Sister Stinky had some potty runs to make with the Abbot (favorite part of Mass was when she returned from one and announced loudly, "Potty? Nope!"), but she did remarkably well. Lots of wiggles, but pretty good overall, and even followed along with some of what was going on. The Abbot taught her to respond "I do!" when we were renewing our baptismal promises, and the sound of her enthusiastic response made me very happy :-)

Incidentally, I think it was the first Easter Vigil of our marriage that I actually stayed in the pew the whole Mass! I'm sure I had to make a run to the bathroom at least once when I was pregnant with Sister Stinky, and her last two Easter Vigils have been spent with us facing it off as she was overtired and I was trying to convince her to fall asleep. This year's was much better! I'm sure having a 3 year old and a nine month old next Easter will make the Vigil a bit more....um...exciting for us! Thankfully, the lovely little parish we belong to has a pretty short Vigil as far as Easter Vigil's go, so it's much more manageable than other Easter Vigils we've been to!

Sister Stinky was very excited to visit the statue of the Risen Christ and give him a kiss :-)

The four of us, with our the love of our lives hanging out in that tabernacle back there. Good to have Him back in the tabernacle! I'm always at a loss with the empty Tabernacle aspect of most of the Triddum.

(This lovely picture was taken by the father of a fellow young family who we are friends with at our parish. He also has done photography for our archdiocesan paper, so we totally lucked out in the family picture department this Easter!)

We were awoken on Easter morning by someone who clearly was sleep deprived from staying up so late the night before, and who hasn't grasped the concept of "sleeping in." The poor girl woke up sobbing. Some cuddles soon calmed her!

Later in the morning, we got dressed up again, and went to adoration at our local Carmelite monastery. I was pleasantly surprised by how excited Sister Stinky was about the whole experience. When we walked into the chapel she said, "Jesus!" very loudly and practically ran down the aisle toward the altar (I think she was more excited about the statue of him than the monstrance...but it's a start!). The Abbot took her around to look at all the saint statues in the chapel and I kept hearing her little voice echoing through the church asking him, "More saints?" She was happy there were a few more outside on their beautiful grounds.

(This daddy/daughter pair melts my heart. Every. Time.)

(I love these daughters of mine. Can't see the little one because the big one is blocking her. But I love them both so much!)

My dress, by the way, is a knit dress that I found at one of the nice thrift stores by us. I fancied it up with some lace around the hem and made it more modest with some lace at the neckline. It's sleeveless and stretchy, so it'll last me well into my pregnancy with Baby Sister this summer!

When we got home, we had a lovely Easter dinner. Ham. Sausage (two kinds!). Homemade paschal bread. Easter Eggs. Two kinds of homemade salads. Fancy cheeses. And what's pictured is only a small portion of our food! We ate some when we came home from the Vigil (a tradition my parents started when I was little and our family has continued), and also had more for dinner last night. And there's still food left! Can I tell you how blessed I feel to have been given the grace to make so much food in my awful hyperemesis state?! Total work of grace, friends. Total grace.

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  1. So glad you were feeling well enough to cook! Hopefully you ate a lot, too :)

    Love the lace on your purple dress & Stinky's flutter sleeves! And that father-daughter picture is adorable :)

  2. Ohhh, I love your purple dress! And lace (my fav) is always a nice touch:) Sister Stinky and the statue of Jesus? Too cute! Happy Easter, friend!

  3. That family picture is a keeper! You all look fantastic. And that food ... mmm...

  4. The food looks delish. your dress looks beautiful and your daughter is too precious for words. I love it! Happy, Happy Easter!


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