The Tee-pee! And thoughts on Preschool...

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It finally was warm enough to set up our tee-pee up in the backyard. Lovely, isn't it? It was big enough to hold Sister Stinky and two of her good friends (four year old and six year old sisters who live behind us and who adore her!!). I love watching her play with the big kids because it always gives her new ideas for play and a better sense of play etiquette.

The Abbot is thankfully rounding the final corner of the semester, so the craziness will soon end (and then be taken up with a new dissertation writing craziness, I'm sure!). On Saturday he was nice enough to let me go out for Confession at our parish (with the lovely "Mon-sin-or," of course) followed by a leisurely browse around the thrift store. My funds for the month are running low because of the doll house re-vamp, but I had enough to pick up a few gems for Sister Stinky, including some practical life work materials, and some tinker toys and Lincoln logs (which I had been pricing on Craigslist earlier in the day but found for way cheaper at the thrift store). God always provides :-)

As of this month she's at the very, very beginning age for Montessori primary work (traditionally starts at 3 but some 2.5 year olds are ready for some of the work) so I told her we'd be starting to have "preschool time" together each day. I'm not following any curriculum because she's still so little, but mainly doing Montessori inspired practical life work to flex her fine motor skills (which have always been a strength of hers and something she thoroughly enjoys honing further), and interest based learning. I'm feeling really impatient to do more, but I know the most important thing at this age is to help her to learn to love learning. I printed out a copy of this lovely guide detailing what a child should know for kindergarten. And I intend to spend the next 2-3 years meandering our way through those different areas of learning. She already has some of the boxes checked off (figuratively) from that master list, but having the list helps me stay aware of what she needs to learn so that when she shows interest I can take advantage of that. She loves to learn about new things, and I think that taking preschool from an interest-based learning perspective will fit her best right now. There's no rush! If I sense she's ready for more structure at some point, I'll look into curriculums but this seems to fit her now!

Let the preschool journey begin (or rather, continue)!


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