{phfr} - Warm Weather!!!

Warm weather is here!! After Mass on Sunday, we donned our shorts and headed out for the first hike of the season!


Mother and daughters. :-) I looking forward to having the little one snuggled in a wrap on my chest.


I love these two. When I was having some rough days during my pregnancy with little Sister Stinky, I used to imagine her and her Daddy together and it kept me going. The reality is so much better than anything I imagined. I'm sure the Abbot will be a wonderful father of sons, but in the meantime I'm enjoying see the side that daughters bring out of him.

He's also our in-house naturalist. In the bottom picture he and Sister Stinky and discussing the tree in front of them.


Lots of walking + lots of playing = rosy little cheeks


Such a big hill for little legs! 

We're getting closer to our ultrasound for Baby Sister. Please say prayers that she has a healthy heart! They didn't find anything wrong last time (that I know of)...just didn't get a good view. But of course I'm worried about her little heart, so please say lots of prayers for our littlest sweetheart.

Please also keep this sweet little boy in your prayers. Last I heard he was back in the hospital. Please pray for his sweet Mama, and his daddy and brothers, too, in this stressful time.

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  1. We are loving the warm weather, too! God bless. :D

  2. very sweet "mommy/daughter" picture...

  3. What a beautiful place for a hike! Enjoy your warmer weather!


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