{phfr} Toddler Room update


This was the first time I rearranged the room since finding out that I have not one but TWO daughters! I've been working on simplifying and de-cluttering out home (nesting much?) and I think that Sister Stinky's new room set-up is the best example of that. It is so open and airy now, and a pleasant place to play!

 Part of the re-arrange and de-clutter process in her room involved cleaning out the contents of her dresser and switching out winter clothes for spring clothes. So...the bottom three drawers are now a neat and slimmed down wardrobe for spring/summer for Sister Stinky. AND the top two drawers are filled with Baby Sister's clothes, bibs, socks, etc. I figured I'd pull out her things from storage while I pulled out Sister Stinky's spring/summer clothes (because yes, Sister Stinky actually is so small that she tends to wear the same clothes for more than a year at a time...Miss Petite!). Some of the baby clothes need a good bleaching, and then I think I'm going to re-vamp some of the plain onesies, maybe with appliquing and such. I've got to enjoy having all girls while I still can!


Don't her new playsilks look lovely in this room?! I look forward to seeing how they are played with as Sister Stinky gets older (right now we're still learning imaginative play and so the games she comes up with are pretty repetitious). There's going to be a mirror in this corner soon, too, so it'll be a full-fledged dress-up corner!

Her bed is normally free of her blankets and pillows during the day because she is forever making herself little nests throughout the house. When she wants to settle in, she runs off to fetch her comforter and pillow and then makes herself at home wherever she wants!

The bench in its new location is her favorite part of the room now. She thinks it makes an excellent bed, and normally she has me put on her play stethescope and pretend I am the doctor checking on her (the patient).


Yesterday, we were playing with her saint dolls and the St. Therese doll suddenly became very distressed and starting calling out "Mommy! Daddy!" Then, I realized that I hadn't made Bl. Louis and Zelie Martin dolls yet!! I asked Sister Stinky if she wanted me to make Mommy and Daddy dolls for St. Therese and she said yes! They painted up so quickly and St. Therese is much happier today as a result :-)

Speaking of which...have you checked out the My Domestic Monastery toy store yet?? It's pick your price!

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  1. I love the little bed on the floor. So cute!

    1. She LOVES having a floor bed! I'd highly recommend it to any moms of toddlers.

  2. Oh we got our beautiful Last Supper/Cenacle set today. That was so fast, and you did a fantastic job.

    I love seeing photos of your girls' room. It looks like such an inviting place to play. Sending prayers your way!

    1. Thanks, Tacy. And the prayers are much appreciated!!


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