{phfr} Baby Birds and Baby Monkeys

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The ultrasound was successful, thanks to Sister Stinky. She had a talk with Baby Sister in the waiting room and told her to "Move! No sleep! Wake up!" and Baby Sister did a little moving and obliged. She was in a lovely position for the ultrasound and the tech got all the pictures she needed and then some! (And just look at these lovely profile pictures of her!!)

Still haven't gotten the official word back from the doctor yet, but I did get a voicemail from them that said they had my results and it wasn't urgent for me to call back...so I'm taking that as a good sign! The tech was also very relaxed and pointed out that all the chambers of the heart were there and functioning. So I'm thinking this little girl is nice and healthy! Thanks for all your prayers.

At one point we got a facial shot of her and from what I could make out I saw a lot of similarities to Sister Stinky's facial features. Another cutie, for sure!


When we got home, I pulled out the pictures to show the Abbot and Sister Stinky grabbed them out of my hand and started yelling, "No Daddy! No take! My pictures!" then proceeded to stomp off toward her room clutching the ultrasound pictures. (Gotta throw in there that she has had a cold this week and is a bit more...um...spirited...than usual!) I was only able to convince her to return the pictures by cutting off one just for her. She was clutching it this morning like her life depended on it. Oh...the relationship of sisters!

Not having the Abbot with us for the ultrasound went much more smoothly than I'd anticipated. (Our doctor is also a Catholic doctor of a large family and the whole practice is just super family friendly, so I'm sure that helps!) Sister Stinky was amusing the ultrasound tech and her mommy immensely. Her major concern was that Mommy's tummy was "Vet! Vet!" (wet) with ultrasound gel. And then, partway through she looked at the screen and said, "Monkey?" Then I had to explain to her that her Baby Sister is not, in fact, a monkey.

We're going to have some fun with these two little girls ;-)


(Sorry for the poor quality of this shot but the Abbot had to sneakily take it through the window and screen this morning.) I'm not the only one nesting around here! A mommy robin has been laying her eggs just outside our window. We've been watching her work on her nest for the last week or so and we were very excited to see this sweet little egg yesterday evening!

Linking up to Like Mother, Like Daughter. Head on over to see Rosie's new home and her adorable toddler Pippo! I'm sure Therese would love to play with him if he lived in our neighborhood! What a cutie!


  1. Congratulations! We are all about sisters:) God bless you in your pregnancy!

    1. Thanks! Sisters are a beautiful thing, aren't they? ;-)

  2. What an adorable sisters story! I love it!


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