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Although it is not complete (because I am in the process of acquiring the sensorial materials - i.e. pricing them, and waiting for shipments to arrive) here is the beginning of our beautiful little Montessori "preschool room." (When it's time for Sister Stinky and I to work there together she always says in a sing-song voice, "Preschool time!")

First, we rearranged the whole living room so that about a third of it would make a small classroom space. You may remember our old tot school space. It served its purpose, but we needed to move our school space out of the entryway! I wanted a place where she could look out the window, have some sunshine, and be able to work just off the living space (which will also be helpful once Baby Sister arrives and is helpful now when her Mommy needs to lay on the couch because of severe nausea!).

Let's look around a bit, shall we?

I wanted to establish her in the "Preschool space" (along with its special rules for care of the materials and such) by starting off with materials and activities that are familiar and that she is already engrossed in. So, for now we have mainly practical life activities (wet and dry pouring, spooning, transferring, pouring with a funnel, hammering golf tees into clay, etc.) in this space.

Having these materials out on this bench seems to make it very inviting for her! Sometimes she'll even go over there to tinker when it's not "preschool time."

We have a mat (more to follow). She's learning how to take out her mat, put her work on it, and then roll up the mat and put it away. Still a work in progress, but she's starting to get it!

The furniture in this space is child-sized (an ikea table and chairs, and a small armchair I got for free from a yard sale last summer that I made a nice cover for - using fabric from drapes that hung in the apartment I grew up in!!) and the shelves are within her reach.

She LOVES having that little table by a window. She eats her breakfast and her lunch there most days, watching the cars and trucks drive by.

We do have one sensorial material already - the pink tower (the partial one we made last year!). It's in a basket because she's currently in a phase where she becomes a "dragon" whenever she seems something already stacked and she must knock it down. If it's in the basket she uses it for its intended purpose :-)

And finally...some empty shelves. Soon to be filled with all manner of lovely materials ;-)

I realized that one of the benefits of doing this at home is that I can weave our Catholic faith into this beautiful little space. Hence, the beautiful icons and the statue of Mary, serving as reminders that all we do is for the glory of God, and that all beauty is intended to remind us of Him. This space will also serve as our "atrium" as I prepare some lessons and materials for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Stay tuned for more loveliness!

Now...off to the pediatrician. Sans naptime. What was I thinking when I scheduled her appointment during naptime? Not sure.


  1. Thank you for sharing.I always enjoy seeing other people's learning spaces.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you could stop by to check it out ;-)

    2. Oh...and I just looked at your blog and saw that Habemus Papam set...we may need to make something like that at our house :-)

  2. what a lovely space you have made up. :)

  3. It's a lovely space! Thanks for sharing.


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