Imagine Sisters Movement

I've heard of this movement, but this is the first I've seen this video! I just had to share. As the mother of two daughters I will definitely want them to see this as they get older:

We've prayed for our daughters' vocations since we first found out we were having each of them. We do our best to model the vocation to marriage, but - as two people who both considered the call to religious life before God revealed our own beautiful vocation to us - we would be thrilled if our daughters were called to religious life!! It fills my heart with joy for them, thinking they might be called to fall in love with Jesus in that way :-)

I will definitely have to come back to this topic later, because I think it's one well worth much thought and prayer for parents of our generation (as well as for young people who have not yet discerned their vocations!).

Pray for vocations!


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