Happy Birthday to a Faithful Reader and KCCO

First of all and most important...happy birthday to a faithful reader and faithful friend, Miss Leora Wallace!!! I feel so blessed to call you friend, and so grateful to you for photo documenting so much of my life as well as my daughters' (plural, because I'm counting on you to take some quality pictures of Baby Sister when she arrives!!) :-)

Master's Graduation with a dear daughter on one side and dear friend on the other. 

Sister Stinky's latest favorite game is "beach." I think she's been fascinated with this game for months, ever since I bought her some sand for her sensory bin (which is not currently in rotation, but that's probably why it seems even more appealing!). She has some limited experience with the beach. My parents live in a vacation town in the beautiful state of Michigan, which means they (and pretty much everyone in the town) are walking distance from a Lake Michigan beach! I grew up in love with the Great Lakes, so I've taken Sister Stinky to that beach multiple times. We also took a trip to the Atlantic Coast last summer with the Abbot's family, so she got a little ocean experience (seashells and crabs which are NOT found at a Lake Michigan beach!). Whether or not she remembers these experiences is up for debate, but at any rate, a typical request every day is, "Play me? Beach?" The lovely blue and yellow playsilks she got for Easter have been put to good use! But I thought she could use some other beach toys...

Things like waves, and dunes, and sandcastles, and seaweed!

All made using the patterns found in this gem of a book. I've checked it out of the library before without trying out any projects, but when I saw the beach toys...I couldn't resist!

I think her favorite part of this set are all the "Mommy/baby" pairs. The turtles were all that I'd finished as of this afternoon, but I've since painted a number of other pairs, including whales, dolphins, mermaids and crabs! There are also a few non-pairs...it's quite a large set!

I used some of our homemade beeswax polish to finish them (the same polish we used for the dollhouse...post coming soonish on that, too!), and all the wood is popular (which is the same kind of wood I use for the cut out toys in shop. It's the Abbots favorite for this kind of woodworking and now it's mine, too!

Speaking of the shop....I've had a request for prices suggestions, so I'll see what I can do! I just want to say that all prices will be negotiable, so if something seems to high priced for your budget let me know and I'll see what we can work out!! Just want to bring lovely Catholic toys to the masses...or is it Masses? Both?

Linking up to Keep Calm, Craft On. It's one of my favorite blogs to go to for inspiration :-)


  1. Aww, you're the best!:) Of course I will take pictures of Little Baby! I was actually looking at some old photos from summer 2011, and I think I took 200 pics of SS (my, has she grown!) in one day, and I imagine I'll do the same for her sister. I can't wait to meet Little Baby and have all the photographic evidence to prove it! haha. Love you!<3

  2. I'm from Grand Rapids, MI and we ADORE going to the beach @ Grand Haven!

    1. I'm a fan of Grand Rapids and Grand Haven :-) My parents are a bit farther south but let's be honest...I love all beaches along the Western shore. So many pretty towns and beaches!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Did you cut the wood yourself too or did you buy pre-cut shapes?


    1. I cut it all myself...the book has great easy to follow patterns for cutting. It's much more cost effective that way, too. The wood is very reasonably priced and you just have to do more work yourself. This project actually cost me nothing as it was made using all supplies I already had!


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