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Don't worry...seeing her was totally worth it :-)

Look at those sweet little baby feet :-)


Another picture of the little girl...

From the looks of it, she's trying to touch her knee to her nose. The ultrasound tech commented, "Well, she must be comfortable, I guess!" I thought it was funny because we have a picture of Sister Stinky doing the exact same thing when she was about this age:

We are sooo happy to be blessed with another little girl. And Sister Stinky is very happy to have a "Bay-bee..sisser!" Please keep this littlest girl in your prayers. Everything that they could get pictures of in the ultrasound looked good and normal but she was curled in a very funny position so they couldn't get a clear picture of her heart. (I'm pretty sure their ultrasound machine dates back to the early 90s, too...not sure if that has something to do with it, haha.) Anyway, we have to go back to get another ultrasound in 6 weeks so they can get some good pictures of her heart (being that checking that is important and all). We could see brief images of her heart on there, and from what I could see it looked normal and all (and she's always had a nice strong heartbeat whenever we've gone in) but of course I'm nervous and won't be relaxed until they get a detailed shot and I can hear those words from the doctor. He didn't seem at all concerned today, just acknowledged that she was in a pretty uncooperative position yesterday. Doesn't mean I'm not worrying, because I am a huge worrier! So please pray for my sanity and that baby girl has a nice, strong, healthy heart!


In other news, we've been potty training this week. So, especially in the early part of the week, we tried to confine ourselves to places where it would be easy to clean up accidents. Hence, dying wool roving in the bathroom using vinegar and Kool-aid:


This is where we've spent most of this past week. Still some accidents but she's getting it! We're happy that we'll be getting a brief break from diapers before round 2 caring for a newborn :-)

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  1. Look at those sweet baby feet!!! She (and you) will be in my prayers. We had to go back 3 times to look at the heart. But that's another story!! Praying everything will be alright & that she's just being stubborn. We kept telling our son, "Turn, baby, turn!!" :)

    Good luck with the potty training!!

    1. Thank you for the prayers! I think this little girl is a combination of stubborn and camera shy...she almost didn't let us see her gender and no matter how much they prodded her they just couldn't get her to turn at the right angle for some good heart shots. Strangely, she was active ALL MORNING before the ultrasound but got really quiet for the ultrasound. Oh, babies...

  2. Love! :D Does Little Baby get her own picture now too on the side of the blog page?:)


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