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A very kind friend (who I'll let remain anonymous, so she can get her heavenly reward) sent us some beautiful gifts yesterday - Catholic picture/board books (which I love!) and this beautiful playsilk. It brightened up a very cranky day around these parts!!

(Yes, Sister Stinky is in a bouncy seat. She hated it when she was little and now she loves crawling in it and pretending to be a baby...complete with fake baby cries. Pretty hilarious.)


Sister Stinky and I did our first ever batch of wet felting a few weeks back. So happy that the little balls we felted fit into the acorn caps (collected on our walks together last fall). Now they're sitting in Sister Stinky's room to use in her play with her princesses. The other day we pretending they were ice cream cones...the possibilities are pretty much endless!!


Even though it was cold yesterday, we had to venture outside for our first walk of the season (a certain little person was having a hard day and getting outside usually helps her):

A peanut butter sandwich and two plastic spoons. Never leave home without these necessities.

But the real joy came when she arrived at her "castle" for the first time this year:

She was right at home.


The big project of the week was sorting through the contents of Sister Stinky's closet. The toy phase is thankfully now completed! We narrowed the toys down to the ones we actually want/use and properly organized what remained. Happy to say the living room now looks pretty much normal, after surviving having a child's closet contents spewed all over it. Sooo glad that I finished that project!

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  1. That play silk is lovely!! There seems to be a lot of spring cleaning going on. It is making me itch to get to it. I always try to wait two weeks before Easter and take the weeks off from school to just clean, clean, clean.

    1. Something about spring, isn't it? You just have to clean!

  2. too bad that's what my house looks like even when i'm not emptying the contents of my closet...

    1. Haha...I've seen your house. That's a huge exaggeration! Your house does NOT look like that!!! Seriously.

    2. you have no idea how much cleaning we do before you guys come over...i might just send you some photographic evidence. it's BAD.

  3. Thanks for linking up! Good job on the spring cleaning. I've got to get going on that here!

    1. Oh my goodness...one of those jobs that's miserable to do but soooo satisfying when completed!!


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