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So, I am not a world traveler. The only times I've ever left the country have been for brief trips to Canada. But, I am blessed with friends more adventurous than I! One of my friends from college is a now a seminarian/Deacon at the NAC (because his home diocese is just cool enough that they send seminarians there!!!) and this week he blessed our family with some wonderful pictures of the papal inauguration Mass the other day. As a deacon, he actually got to be a Eucharistic Minister (an ordinary minister at that...so happy for him that he's now ordained a deacon!) at the Mass, and he said it was absolutely amazing! After only knowing him for a short time in college I can say...Deacon Simon is a true gift to the Church! He has a great sense of humor and a devout faith and our family is so blessed to have re-connected with him through all the papal craziness of the last few weeks!!!

Deacon Simon is going to be ordained Fr. Simon in just a couple months (May 18th)...can you please join us in praying for him as he prepares for his ordination?? Consider it a small price to pay for some gorgeous pictures of our new Papa ;-)


It looks like it was an absolutely gorgeous day in Rome! 


How can the sight of this man NOT make you happy?! 

(And I'm so happy for Deacon Simon that he got to be this close to our new Papa!!!)


You have to have something seriously wrong with you if the sight of a swiss guard doesn't make you smile! I don't know if I'd call them "funny" but their bright garb and faithful service is enough to make any Catholic smile. :-)


There he goes. Our new Papa. May God bless Pope Francis with many fruitful years of service as our shepherd! Thank you Holy Spirit for this gift!

(I think that's the back of Deacon Simon's head, too...)

On a completely unrelated note, I had some people ask me if I would be willing to make dolls for them after some of the posts earlier this week. They offered to pay me for the dolls, but I was hesitant to accept any money, because I know how cost prohibitive quality catechetical toys can be!

But then I got to thinking...why not offer these for sale to you for an open-to-negotiation price? Sometimes I see some great catechetical toys online and think, "Wow, that's gorgeous but there's no way I can afford that!" But, do I sometimes have a lesser price in mind I could afford to offer the artist for the cost of materials and their time and effort? Yes. So...now I want to offer that opportunity to you! A dream scenario for a mom on a tight budget! I know many of you have young families and tight budgets, and I want to help you get some good quality catechetical toys! But, honestly, our family's budget is tight, too, and I'd be grateful for any amount of money or prayers you can offer in return. (Seriously...any amount. Like, if all you can offer is a couple of dollars for one of these dolls, I totally get that because we're in a similar place. But if you can and would like to offer more, I can promise you our family would put the money to good use!) And please...include your prayers as part of your offer! Your prayers will be greatly appreciated by our family and are worth more than silver or gold to us! So, in the next few days, be looking for a tab at the top of the blog that will list all the custom-made items I am able to offer. And then, if you find something you like, shoot me an e-mail telling me what you want, and what your family is able to give. No request will be denied, but all offers will be open to negotiation!  I'll get back to you as soon as I can letting you know the time table for the completion of your order. I want to do this less as a business venture and more as a ministry to all the wonderful families I've met so far in real life and blog land. Let our Domestic Monastery help yours grow in faith!

(Also, you can place orders before Easter but I won't be working on anything until after the Triduum!!)


  1. So exciting that your friend got to be there and a part of such a happy day! We'll say a prayer for him as he prepares for ordination.
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank YOU for your prayers! And many, many congrats on expecting your second! I'm due about the same time as you and it will be so exciting to watch your progress!!!


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