On the Feast of St. Joseph...

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! While I spent a good portion of the late afternoon laying on the couch with a bout of hyperemesis nausea, Sister Stinky and I learned some new stories and acted them out with her toys. After she learned the story of the "Rabbit and the Turtle" (I'll let you guess what that was a re-make of) I thought we'd pull out one of her Joyful Mysteries playsets to act out one of the Gospel options for the feastday today.

(I recently realized I have yet to share our Joyful Mysteries playsets with you!! They were our Christmas present to Sister Stinky, made way before Christmas when I was blessed with the foresight to know that there was a good chance I just might be in bed with severe nausea during Advent...)

Sorry for the dark, fuzzy pictures...but I took this after we re-told the story to Daddy before bedtime :-)

We talked about how big-boy Jesus (she often refers to Jesus as "baby Jesus") went to the Temple with his Mommy Mary and foster Daddy Joseph to pray. (We talked about how the Temple is like church, and the priests there are a little like her beloved Monsignor.)

Then we talked about how Mary and Joseph started traveling home with the other men and women and didn't know Jesus stayed behind. I told her, "He was lost."

This caught her attention.

In the Gospel, Jesus is praying and talking to the teachers. In Sister Stinky's version, Jesus just sat in the Temple crying, "Mommy! Daddy" for the whole three days.

We talked about how Mary and Joseph looked everywhere. She was less convinced that they were upset, though, and more worried that Jesus was probably crying the whole time. 

She totally got how great it was when they were re-united, though! She made Jesus say, "Mommy! Daddy" in a very happy voice. We talked about how he was praying to his heavenly Father in the Temple, and how St. Joseph was his foster-daddy (and what that meant). We've talked about that alot recently (because she always calls St. Joseph "Daddy") and today was the day she finally learned "foster Daddy" as well as the word "Temple" (both of which she surprised me by knowing when we were re-telling the story to Daddy before bed.)

 Sister Stinky's version also had a few other non-canonical details. Like, evidently after Jesus was found in the Temple, he then proceeded to periodically lose himself in piles of blankets and pitifully cry for Mary and Joseph until they rescued him. I guess that's her version of what normal life must have been like for them....

We'll definitely be acting out some more stories, soon! :-)

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!


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