On the Eve of Palm Sunday...

Gone are the purples, here are the reds! We're ready for the Hosannas to begin...

(Sorry that some of the pictures are washed out...it was already dark out when we made the switch!)

This year Sister Stinky was big enough to help. It always amazes and delights me to see what aspects of various celebrations and feasts she picks up on. We set up Jesus riding on her donkey, and put the Apostles and women around him and she started throwing her arms in the air and saying, "Hooray! Hooray!" (Totally without prompting.) I decided it was time to teach her, "Hosanna." ;-)

And yes, she's very excited to see her beloved "Mon-sin-or" in his red vestments tomorrow!

For pictures of last year's Palm Sunday set-up, see here.

(Prayers for all of you slotted to receive some nasty weather tonight into tomorrow!)


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