Oh, when the Saints go chuggin' in...

Not sure where they're all planning on celebrating the Triduum...but they've already begun their pilgrimage. Since they aren't fasting yet, they actually stopped for lunch shortly after these pictures were taken and Sister Stinky treated them to a feast of "ham-bur-gers!" (Her favorite.)

You may notice some new dolls in the bunch, that are painted in a different style than mine! That's because we already received the first few dolls from our saint doll swap and are eagerly looking forward to receiving the rest tonight.

I hope your Holy Week has gotten off to a good start! We're getting pumped for the Triduum around here!

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  1. Cute! Do I spy Saints Francis, Nick, Teresa of Avila, and Peter (with keys)? Who's the one in black, Augustine, 'cause he has a crozier? Or is it Dominic?

    1. You do spy St. Peter! The others are St. Anthony (you can't see the baby Jesus he's holding), St. Cyril (his vestments are like the ones he's usually seen in in icons), and St. Therese in the front, with St. Scholastica toward the back. The one in black is her twin, Benedict!

  2. Oh, yay for twins! I'm not sure I could tell you St. Benedict's or Scholastica's icoography, but St. Cyril's pallium reminded me of icons of St. Nick or the Eastern Fathers. Oh wait, is that a raven with Benedict? The one who ate the poisonous bread meant for the Abbot? I'm reading a fictional book on St. Benedict right now and that incident was described.


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