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No prices are listed, because all are open to negotiation! Contact me at msagala1 {at} gmail {dot} com and let me know what you're interested in and how much you would be able to pay for the toy(s) you're interested in. For more information on how this works, scroll to the bottom!

NOTE: We are not currently accepting orders while our little Sister Nugget is so tiny. We'll be sure to post when we're open for business again!

Good Shepherd Set

Inspired by one of the foundational lessons in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, this simple wooden set (with felt pasture) will help you share this beautiful parable with your little ones.

Palm Sunday playset

This playset is sure to be a treasure year after year! Playset includes Jesus, donkey, and several Apostles and/or members of the crowd. Perfect for teaching your little ones about Holy Week.

Custom-made wooden saint figure

Cut from hardwood with sanded down edges for little ones, these simple little saint dolls are sure to delight your little ones. Also available are other custom-made parable or Scripture stories, consisting of this style figure. Dolls can be made larger for small children.

Last Supper/Cenacle set

Another set inspired by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, this set is good for little ones who are learning about the Eucharist, religious education classes, or Holy Week lessons. Includes wooden Jesus and twelve Apostles, wooden altar/table, and felt chalice, paten, and host. Backdrop can be added upon request.

Good Friday play set

Another set to help your little ones learn more about Holy Week. This wooden set includes Jesus and his cross, Mary, and St. John.

Handpainted Pisanki eggs

  Eggs are a sign of new life, and a beautiful symbol to incorporate into your Easter season celebrations! Pisanki are available in the above design, or you may share another design your have in mind.

Easter Resurrection set (basket not included)

This simple wooden set comes with a wooden Mary doll, as well as two other women dolls, an angel doll, and a Jesus doll. Also included is the empty cross.

Wooden Priest Liturgical doll

I've seen so many lovely variations of this doll online! This little wooden priest is sure to delight. He comes painted with a white alb, and can change into any one of his simple felt chasubles (included are purple, green, red, white, and rose colored chasubles).

Custom-made felt set

The pictured set is made of eco-fi felt, and features symbols for each of the seasons of the Church year. More designs can be made available upon request!

Large painted peg saints

These 3in+ sized dolls are safe for little hands and a great way to learn about the faith! I can make whatever saint(s) you request! Note: St. Therese doll is from St. Luke's brush and is not included in this offer! (Although, I'd be happy to paint you my version of her.)

Mystery of the Rosary playset

I can make one of these little sets for whatever mystery of the Rosary you have in mind! Wooden box not automatically included, but a carrying case or wooden box can be included if you are interested. Note, these dolls are smaller than the large peg dolls and are about 2 3/8 inches tall. Not recommended for children who still put things in their mouths!

Are there any other toys you have in mind? Let me know and I'll see what I can do!!!

One day I got to thinking...why not offer these toys for sale to you for an open-to-negotiation price? Sometimes I see some great catechetical toys online and think, "Wow, that's gorgeous but there's no way I can afford that!" But, do I sometimes have a lesser price in mind I could afford to offer the artist for the cost of materials and their time and effort? Yes. I want to offer that opportunity to you! A dream scenario for a mom on a tight budget! I know many of you have young families and tight budgets, and I want to help you get some good quality catechetical toys! But, honestly, our family's budget is tight, too, and I'd be grateful for any amount of money or prayers you can offer in return. (Seriously...any amount. Like, if all you can offer is a couple of dollars for one of these dolls, I totally get that because we're in a similar place. But if you can and would like to offer more, I can promise you our family would put the money to good use!) And please...include your prayers as part of your offer! Your prayers will be greatly appreciated by our family and are worth more than silver or gold to us! So, in the next few days, be looking for a tab at the top of the blog that will list all the custom-made items I am able to offer. And then, if you find something you like, shoot me an e-mail telling me what you want, and what your family is able to give. No request will be denied, but all offers will be open to negotiation!  I'll get back to you as soon as I can letting you know the time table for the completion of your order. I want to do this less as a business venture and more as a ministry to all the wonderful families I've met so far in real life and blog land. Let our Domestic Monastery help yours grow in faith!


  1. Ok, so I totally want to do this... BUT... I'm terrible and not at all sure about picking a price! Also, I'm cheap & would HATE to offend! HA-HA. Would it be possible to post some "suggested" prices, or a range of prices? sorry I'm such a pain!


    1. Of course! Check back later this week and I'll put up some suggested prices! Know though, that if they are higher than what you had in mind I am willing to negotiate :-)

  2. I might be interested in the Easter playset. I'll be in touch! Thanks, Michele we love the ones we have and you have some awesome stuff on this list!!


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