Great Tutorial!

Thanks a million to Shannon over at The Sword and the Stein for posting an awesome playsilk tutorial for our readers! Hop on over and check it out!

I was remembering this morning (as I lay sandwiched between the Abbot and his early riser daughter who was watching cartoons on the Kindle, while getting kicked from a sleepy baby inside me) those days way back when, when the Abbot and I were just two goofy kids studying at the library together. I remember longing for the days when we would be married and not have to traipse in the snow around campus.

(Look at these two goofy kids! We legitimately do look kinda goofy here...I have more 
normal pictures of us somewhere around here!)

I feel so blessed that this guy (and now his kiddos) turned out to be my vocation. So very, very blessed. So important to remember in the midst of hyperemesis and nauseous craziness! I have so very much to be thankful for...


  1. Oh wow, does The Abbot look way younger, haha. I still find the freshman year pictures of him with his longer hair hard to believe. You look like your same lovely self:)


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