Five Favorites - Easter Basket edition

Sister Stinky's Easter basket contents are finished!!!


A resurrection playset, inspired by St. Luke's Brush.


A resurrection puzzle, inspired by this one.


An Easter picture book.


A Resurrected Christ peg doll:


A new pisanki (the Polish version of a Ukranian pysanky) egg for her collection. 


And...I threw in a few hand-dyed playsilks for fun! These include all the liturgical colors (I added in a white silk handkerchief so she has gold and white) as well as a Marian blue. She can use them with her catechetical toys or can use them for dress-up or with any of her toys!

All done in time to fully enjoy Holy favorite week of the year!!!

Join me tomorrow for some lovely pictures from Pope Francis' inauguration Mass...from a seminarian!


  1. And the "Best Mom Ever" Award goes to you! These are AMAZING! Resurrected Jesus? Too cool, complete with glorified wounds and a smile. Can you make me an Eadter basket too?:)

    1. Thanks, friend but I don't think my talents are quite up to the challenge of a Leora-worthy basket! Crafting is one of the only things that takes my mind off my hyperemesis I craft away!


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