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Joining Jen and friends.


As previously mentioned, walking season has officially begun! It's been cold on our walks this week, but it's also been soooo good to be outside again!


Sister Stinky just learned how to say, "Okay." I'm not sure where she learned how to use word. I say that because the Abbot and I find it hilarious how she uses this word. She always says it with a sigh and a sort of defeated tone of voice...even if she's agreeing to something she originally suggested. Case in point, conversation with the Abbot last night:

Sister Stinky: Movie! Movie!
The Abbot: Oh, do you want to watch a movie?
Sister Stinky: (sigh and defeated tone of voice) Okay...


The clothing battle has begun and is continuing on in earnest. Getting dressed every day is such a hardship to our toddler, apparently. The Abbot is trying to implement some suggestions from his mom, but honestly we could use all the suggestions from more seasoned parents we can get. How do you get a toddler to get dressed (i.e. out of her pjs) every day without her having a complete meltdown?


I've been part of the planning for a baby shower for a dear friend...and it's happening tomorrow! I am so excited. I love planning things and then seeing them come to fruition.


Not gonna lie...I kind of like the sudden freedom I have when a project I've been planning is finished, too!


Speaking of which, I was talking with the co-author the other day, and she and I are still fuzzy on the exact release date of the upcoming book. I'm really excited about it, though, and especially excited to host a giveaway here once I get my copies!!!!


Tomorrow is my beautiful mother's birthday! I am so grateful for the gift of her life. Say a prayer for her if you think of it, "okay"?



  1. wait, you expect your child to be fully dressed every day? i think THAT's your problem, lol. sometimes charlie doesn't have clothes on when i go get him from his nap...

    1. Haha...yeah...we're dreamers! All kidding aside, I usually just want her dressed in the morning so we can leave the house to run errands or go for a walk and from nap time on she's allowed to change back in to her pjs. But, considering her favorite pjs are shorts and a t-shirt I'm thinking that probably isn't the best thing to go out in during the winter ;-)

    2. My little one wants to stay in her footed pjs all day long. If we manage to get those off, she will likely refuse to wear pants. She likes putting things into her pockets, though, so I try to find something special about the clothes I want her to wear - i.e. she can sometimes be convinced that tights are like the "feets" on her pjs, and that pants or dresses with pockets are fun because she can put stuff in them.

    3. Oh, and it certainly doesn't help that her new favorite word is, "Nooooo." Which she uses appropriately only 50% of the time ;)

    4. Oh, how I hate that word, "No!" Haha. We try the same thing with her..finding something special about different articles of clothing. It really does help, doesn't it?!!


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