7 Quick Takes

Joining up with Jen and friends.


The best part of the week was celebrating the existence of this guy:

Random candle arrangement courtesy his adoring eldest daughter.

The fact that Mommy's nausea was kept to a minimum that day courtesy his youngest daughter.

So really we all pitched in ;-)


Second week of potty training has been filled with mostly successes and a series of nasty accidents yesterday morning. We're hoping to turn over a new leaf today :-)


Have you checked out our pick your price Catholic toy store? I'm really excited to offering this to some of the lovely Catholic families we've come across in real life and blog world! We've already got our first order!


Things have been crazier than usual because the Abbot is building up to his end of the year comprehensive exams. I think Sister Stinky has really been missing him. She's taken to referring to the members of our family as "Baby Monkey" (herself), "Mommy Monkey" (me), and "Daddy Monkey" (the Abbot). This morning she was laying in bed crying, "Daaaaddy Monkey!!!" Baby Sister has yet to be a name in this game. I guess "In-utero baby monkey" is a bit of a mouthful for two-year-olds.


I am so excited for Holy Week!! Sooo excited...excited for...

Holy Thursday...


Good Friday...


....and the Easter Vigil!!!!!!

I'll leave it at that, but please come back next week to check out our Holy Week posts! 


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