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Potty training is a beautiful thing.


Maybe I should amend that slightly...potty training successes are a beautiful thing. The accidents...not so much ;-)


The Abbot and I were really hoping to have our littles spaced closer together, but I think that God's timing was what we actually needed. I feel better about raising another baby now that I've seen they don't stay babies forever! (I love my babies and I think babies are cute, but I'll take the preschool age over the baby age any day!) Sister Stinky now sleeps in a bed, is weaned, and is potty trained. There is hope!


I didn't take any pictures of finished products but I'll have to soon...because I finished a lot of projects yesterday, and I feel pretty good about that! I did soooo much painting this past week, but there are now lots of new little catechetical bits of goodness to show for it. I promise I'll share later this week!


Right now, just feeling the nausea and thinking the bed is too comfy to leave. :-)


Speaking of which, I never know how much to share about hyperemesis. I'm now past 20 weeks and the nausea is still going strong and probably will be until I go into labor (although, thankfully, I only seem to have it all day on Friday-Sunday, and even then I sometimes get brief breaks from it...the rest of the week I'm usually nausea free in the mornings, at least, and only get it after noon). Right now the biggest concern is trying to get me to gain weight (I have yet to re-gain what I lost, let alone gain weight beyond that...I think I'm having a harder time this time than I did last time), but the little girl seems to be doing just fine weight-wise, so that's a blessing. If there is a mom out there who has experienced or is experiencing hyperemesis I would be glad to share more about the experience. It isn't the same thing as morning sickness, and experiencing it can be really isolating so please let me know if anyone out there is suffering from this, too! I went through it alone the first time, but thankfully now have a friend who suffered severe hyperemesis with both her pregnancies and let me tell you...having someone to talk to makes all the difference!


Praise God for Pope Francis! Every time I hear something new about him I like him even more. Soooo excited for our new papa!!!!

Update: I almost forgot to tell you that the Abbot and I realized this week that one of our college friends is currently at the NAC in Rome! He said this past week was pretty crazy! Please keep Deacon Simon in your prayers as he prepares to be ordained to the priesthood this May!

Now...I've gotta go out this morning and buy some kool-aid for playsilks. Hooray!


  1. Oh, if you speak with Simon again, please tell him I say Hi! I was so bummed when he deleted his FB account. I heard he's getting ordained on May 18, Joanna's wedding day:) And prayers are still being sent your way. Only 20 more weeks of nausea to go! haha.


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