7 Quick Takes

1. Sede Vacante. Still reeling from that reality today. The whole family seemed a bit thrown off after watching his departure via helicopter. (Excepting Little Baby!) But even Sister Stinky seemed remarkably out of sorts.

2. Yet, I don't know quite how to describe it, but part of me is filled with so much hope. It's become increasingly clear that Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus has done all he can to say "yes" to God's will for his life.

3. In the back of my mind, I keep remembering the descriptions St. Therese wrote of her final days "at home" before joining the Carmelites. Although her entrance was a joyous occasion, it was also one of great loss. Although she would still be alive, and although her family might glimpse her face and speak with her on occasion, she was...for all practical purposes...dead to the world!

4. This is how I see Benedict's departure - he will still be there, praying, but now he has taken up his cross in a new way. He will be leading a life totally dedicated to prayer. And, just as it is for the family of anyone who enters a cloistered order, it is natural we grieve. BUT Benedict's witness now is to the importance of pray...a work of its own!

5. I was in Kohl's recently, and I heard a familiar song being played on the radio...but it was the original version. All I could this was this song is so much better when JPII sings it.

6. When I see the past two popes the Holy Spirit has led us to...it makes me feel such joy! Surely, the Holy Spirit will provide again.

7. And on that note...St. Celestine V....pray for us!!!

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