With Love

Happy 100th post!!!

When I tried to think of how to mark this occasion, I thought of all sorts of ideas...but in the end I realized it'd be most important to mark it by remembering what everything comes back to in our Domestic Monastery.


Specifically, love of Him.

(There's a tabernacle back there...)

My little Sister Stinky has been reminding me of that lately. This is her 4th Lent alive, 3rd ex utero (and she's only 2...racking up the penances much?), but this is the first Lent that she's really starting to get bits of what we're talking about. The other day we were playing in her room and all of a sudden she looked up at the crucifix over her bed and said, "Poor Je-je. Sad." I asked her if she wanted to kiss his ouchies and she promptly went over to do so.

Then we took her to Stations of the Cross the other night (okay, we were kinda late because I accidentally spilled the tomato juice -my latest nausea remedy - I was taking for the car ride all over the car and the driveway...but better late than never!). I was trying to explain some of the Stations to her, and she picked up on ouchies and sadness right away. I was struggling a bit...how to explain this story to my overly sensitive girl? I tried to explain it simply but also didn't shield the sadness and the ouchies. She was concerned when Mary looked sad at the crucifix and the taking down from the cross, and she was worried about Jesus' ouchies. Her honest reaction to a story that she is still getting to know gave me pause. 

How often have I heard and prayed the Stations? Yet, I have a sort of wall built up around me when it comes to the Passion...it's almost too much to bear, and so I shy away from thinking about it too in depth. But little Sister Stinky's reaction taught me something. I don't have to bite off more than I can chew. The love shown in the Passion is a mystery. I can approach it with my own love, though, and try to understand it as best as I can. Incidentally, talking to a 2 year old about it has me understanding the Passion in a new light. I don't need to "fix" the story so it isn't too much to handle...all I have to do is bring my love to it and try to accept His love from it. My 2 year old's love consists of noticing how sad Mary is and wanting to kiss Je-je's ouchies. My 26 year old love will probably be more complex than that...but all Jesus asks for is my love. My wholehearted love and gratitude.

As our family's special patron, St. Therese, would say...that is what it all comes down to! It is not about doing great things but about doing the small things of our lives with great love.

Hopefully, with grace, our little domestic monastery can learn to do that a little better each day this Lent. :-)

Thanks for spending time in this space with me these last 100 posts! Here's to 100 more!

Totus tuus Domine.


  1. Beautiful! I think this quote from St. Therese of Lisieux relates well to what you are saying:

    "See then all that Jesus lays claim to from us; he has no need of our works but only of our *love*, for the same God who declares He has no need to tell us when He is hungry did not fear to beg for a little water from the Samaritan woman. He was thirsty. But when He said: "Give me to drink," it was the *love* of His poor creature the Creator of the universe was seeking. He was thirsty for love."

  2. Little ones love the "boo boos" of (as my kids say "Sweet Jesus". Their pure hearts can understand so much!

  3. Happy 100th Post!!!! I found your blog from a link on another blog (I can't remember which one at the moment!) and I was SO EXCITED to see this post with a picture of the Carmelite Monastery! I LOVE it- my husband calls it my "happy place". It's such a blessing to live so close to such a beautiful place. Are you from around here too?

    1. Another fan of the monastery! I love it! It is probably my favorite place in the whole world. My grandparents used to live less than a mile from there and I grew up in Hammond so I visited there ALOT when I was small, my husband proposed to me there when we were in college at Notre Dame, and I love taking my daughter there (it's about halfway between where my parents now live and where my in-laws live). Sadly, we live pretty far from there now, but it's still a blessing to visit whenever we're in the area. I'm glad you found the blog!


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