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If you only come here for {Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} please, please check out some of our other posts! I promise I don't just write about playing in the snow all the time!!! That being said, our little family does love snow, especially now that we don't have to deal with as much of it where we live :-)

Last Saturday night we had a surprise snow storm (we were only supposed to get a light dusting but we got much more!). After a napless Sunday afternoon (that probably had a lot to do with a large slice of cake a certain little girl ate at the post-Baptism party of our good friends' baby...we do love us a good Sacramental celebration 'round here!) we all bundled up and headed out...


Snow...glorious snow! This was a lovely sight to wake up to on Sunday morning. 


She finally got her snowman...but he's still awfully tiny. She was mainly concerned that he have a carrot nose, though, so she was satisfied! Oh, and the picture on the right? Standing in front of her first snow angel :-)


Early on in our marriage, back when we were both starting out grad school, we quickly realized we needed to carve out family time lest we risk being swallowed whole by homework! Sundays have remained our family days, and the Abbot happily takes off work for the whole day. We're so grateful for the time we get together on Sundays!


"Pull? Out?" Sister Stinky is turning into a drama queen. Even when she's not stuck in the snow, or hurt, or anything, she has fun pretending and "fake crying." Surprisingly, this is more funny than annoying. I mean, it's not like she has a mother 
who was notorious for being overly dramatic as a child or anything. Of course not!

In other fun news, I can feel occasional kicks but i can also feel my baby "lump".
Not sure if every woman feels this interesting sensation but I remember feeling
 it with Sister Stinky, too..the feeling of a little hard lump of baby that shifts position 
throughout the day and night. We have an active one, folks!


  1. seriously? you don't find the fake crying annoying? ugh, it drives me up a wall!! (my kid's, not yours that is...) i guess it's still not as bad as the fake coughing tho...

  2. toddlers in the snow...the BEST!! even with all the drama! LOL!

    I miss snow. I keep looking for it her in VA but we have not been blessed with any yet. Sigh.

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. Haha, I love the snowman's nose. We got snow here too, and it's been snowing all day. Cleaning off 3 cars is good exercise, but it's slushy and not exctly fun:/ Spring can't come fast enough!


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