{pretty, happy, funny, real} Creative Day edition

On a cold and snowy day, all we could do was pull out our paints :-)


The first project of the day was letting the little-princess-obsessed member of the family paint her very own princess dolls! Sister Stinky is always wanting to be like her mama, and was excited to paint wood! I loved the swirly colors she came up with. Her first handpainted (by her!) dolls. 

In retrospect, if you want to attempt a similar project with your princess obsessed daughter, I would suggest putting some painters tape around the head so that all the dolls have as clear a face as this one. Some, as you can see above, are wearing thick purple "veils" (I think it may actually be hair painting attempts?) and it makes it hard to see their faces. Painters tape or something like it would solve that problem!


While she was napping, I finished up the princesses! I sealed them with some Mod Podge and hot glued on crowns and skirts. When Sister Stinky woke up, they went right into her play castle for some fun! Lovely...not too bad for a two year old's very first handpainted dolls!! (And I seriously do love the swirled effect she managed to achieve...I never would have thought of swirly loveliness!)


 When she woke up, she discovered that Mommy was now painting with watercolors! Since I didn't particularly need her "help" with the project I was working on, I settled her down with her own set of watercolors and some paper.

Although, the funny part is the fact that she is my little two-year-old and I know better than to let her paint farther than an arm's reach away from me and my project...


Although it's resulting in a very messy dresser, I am sooo excited about the things I am making for an upcoming baby shower for a dear friend. I'm itching to finishing up these pieces! 


  1. Your princesses turned out beautifully! Lucky kids...

    Two year old and paint, I have a lovely hued wall that could tell a story or two.

    1. Haha...I love it! It is an act of courage to hand a two year old a paintbrush, isn't it? ;-)


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