{PHFR} Returning to Normalcy

The slow but steady return to normalcy is beginning since my hyperemesis is starting to subside in my second trimester. It's slow going, though...who would guess it'd take so long to build up strength after weeks in bed, haha. I'm starting to get less winded after doing my normal things and although I still have bad days and bad times of day, the severe nausea is beginning to go away. Praise God!


Who would ever guess I could get so excited about a little snow?! I grew up in the Lake Michigan snowbelt (inch after inch and foot after foot of snow!) and I really missed snow down here last year. (It snowed and stuck maybe once last year.) This winter there have been a few more snow falls and it's been so lovely to see out the window! (And yes, Sister Stinky and I bundled up and played in it after her nap. I think our neighbors think we're crazy...but we're just used to snow!)


This lacing activity was totally self-initiated on the part of Sister Stinky! She pulled out the box of beads and sat beading them while I folded laundry. Lovely!


This is her new way of cleaning up. Pretty excellent. Not everyone knows how to pick up toys by throwing them backwards between your legs!





You wouldn't believe the amount of clutter that can accumulate when the mom of the house is stuck in bed for weeks! Slowly cleaning up the clutter ;-)

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  1. Oh, I feel for you, poor thing! I'm glad you are back on your feet!

    1. Thanks so much! The sympathy of other mothers is much appreciated :-)

  2. Even miserably sick, your house is so much cleaner than mine! I hope that you get to feeling better very very soon!

    1. Well...at least that particular corner of the house is much cleaner, haha. Thanks, friend! Prayers are much appreciated.


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